February 17th, 2013

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Kitchen gadgets meme

Kitchen Gadgets - Rules:

Bold the ones you have and use at least once a year, italicize the ones you have and don't use, strike through the ones you have had but got rid of.  Ignore the rest if you never had one.

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i have another meme on gadgets that aren't mentioned here.

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Kitchen gadgets/utensils

Second kitchen themed meme

Kitchen Utensils & dishes - rules

Bold for items you use all the time, ITALICS for items you have but never use and Strike through for items you had but have thrown out

chef's knives/sets

tongs small/medium/large

scissors large/medium

food mashers

slotted spoons

spatulas – i've put this in italics as i rarely use the one i have

ladles – have one but use a large Chinese spoon

large serving spoons

tea strainer

tin/can openers, manual

tin/can openers, electric

cleavers/meat saws

carving knives, manual or electric

roasting forks

serving forks

salad servers

metaluna or similar [for chopping herbs]

fish slice

egg slice [for frying etc]

egg/tomato slicer [into slices]

parfait spoons

jam spoons

mustard spoons – i have an antique one i never use

wooden spoons – i have flat wooden stirrer but don't like it much

pickle fork

cheese knife – rarely used

bread knife


balloon whisk

Box grater

Flat hand graters

pestle & mortar

vegetable peeler, with flexible/movable blade

vegetable peeler, with rigid blade

knife sharpener, manual – they only have a limited success for me

knife sharpener, electric

sharpening stone

jar opener – i have one somewhere

gas lighter - my stove is self-lighting

meat thermometer

mandolin slicer

pasta maker


egg timers

kitchen scales

chopping boards, wood

chopping boards, plastic/glass

rolling pin – i have a tiny one i use for flattening/tenderising meat

sieves, plastic or metal

mixing bowls

hand-held blender – actually a beater with different bits – whisking, dough hooks

You could probably add some to this list - feel free!

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