March 2nd, 2013

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'Kooza' and Michael Portillo

i don't think i posted this yet?? *Must be having senior moment*
'Kooza' and Michael Portillo - not as far apart as you'd think!
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i'm having a real Spring cleaning at the moment, rearranging DVDs & CDs now i have a bit more space, as i've just built two more bookcases for the bedroom and one CD-sized in the lounge. *flexes muscles* That's a laugh! i actually build them on the bed as i just couldn't manage on the floor. i do have more room as i sold my Clic-clack sofa and bought a recliner chair instead. It is amazing the difference it actually made.
Anyway, off to wash my hair now, so have a good week and take care.
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At this age...

The one about comparing age...

Age I was given: 24

It was 1971
I lived in: Auckland, New Zealand
I drove: No car, just shanks pony! I did have motorbikes later and even a car, post leg-smash up.

After I moved to Australia, 10 years later, I didn't own a car again. I looked after a fleet of cars for the GIO and I took one home every weekend to valet and fill-up with petrol & oil. As long as I didn't take long trips, I had use of them all weekend.
I was in a relationship with: I had various boyfriends around that time, none very memorable!
I feared: Not a lot really, just dying. Everything else kinda pales into insignificance after that. I grew up with death all around me and it was a terrifying, if familiar, presence.
I worked for: NZ Govt [Police Dept, Maori & Island Affairs & the Valuation Dept over the few years].
I wanted to be: happy, with no grand ambitions, having had most of my dreams dashed as a teenager. I had been told repeatedly all the way through my adolescence that I wasn't very bright and obliquely, that I'd better get used to the idea of some office job or get married. Not surprisingly, I was what they call a late-developer, which happened around the time I left home and I got to compare myself with others. Luckily, I didn't agree with the marriage bit, as I really couldn't see myself in that role – someone else who wanted to control me [and didn't really like children and babies smell!], although it took me some time to shake off the 'not-very-bright' bit.

Now I am: 65, oy vey! Apart from the bodily anchors, I don't feel any different mentally to when I was 35. Your mind doesn't get any older but can close to new ideas if you're not careful. Best thing is to retain the childlike but not the childish, and stay curious about everything. And read a lot!
I live in: the heart of Cambridge city in a one-bedroom Council flat, with an Elder Care call-button!
I am in a relationship with: nobody personally, just friends – though I hope to have a couple of cats again in the not-too-distant future.
I drive: Don't drive [no car], unless you count my trusty mobility scooter! *cracking along at a reckless 4 mph!* I hired cars on and off when Mum was alive and occasionally had use of my Cousin's. Then I couldn't afford one.

I work at: staying sane! I don't work anymore, being retired – and I LOVE that.
I fear: Still the same, that much doesn't change.
I want to be: the first person to live to 150 plus! Still sane, sighted & with all my senses – is that too much to ask? Well, I'm working on it!

If anyone wants an 'Age', just comment and ask

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Reasons to the thankful: 'N'

Reasons to be thankful: N

Man, this is going to be difficult...

Nice people; There some left in the world! Most don't realise they are, which amuses me!

Nails; Not only on the end of our fingers – did we ever have actual claws? Only used to help pick up articles now. And of course, metal ones to help hold wood together in many ways.

Nirvana; The highest Buddhist state and one of the best bands, I have ever heard with the amazing Kurt Cobain

Ricky Nelson; i've listed him separately as he was a big part of my youth and I loved him dearly - i have most of his music

Chronicles of Narnia; There was nothing like this wonderful fantasy series when I was growing up and good, indeed excellent stories that followed, never eclipsed it for me. The only thing that came close was the Lord of the Rings series.

Andre Norton; This wonderfully inventive science fiction writer was in a class all of her own and is much missed.

Netsuke; I love netsuke and have four pieces [modern copies, of course, as I couldn't afford real ones].

Nectar; We need this vital liquid for our pollinators, of all descriptions from bees to bats.

Noodles; Ah, the glories of noodles! Thin egg noodles, flat broad ribbon noodles, all the way up to the fabulous Japanese Udon noodles.

Nuts; I love cashews, hazel nuts, peanuts, pecans, even pine nuts. More sparingly walnuts and very rarely, a Brazil nut. I like them toasted to bring out the full flavour, with a little salt, but not the pecans.

'Night Passage' & 'The Nun's Story'; These are two of my favourite films as fate would have it. Night Passage is strange Western with James Stewart and Audie Murphy playing brothers, with the much underrated Brandon De Wilde, and Dan Dureya as the 'baddie'. You may be forgiven if you have never heard of it, but not The Nun's Story; you are neither a keen film fan nor an admirer of the ethereal Audrey Hepburn, if you haven't. I've always loved the story from the book onwards – and they didn't manage to ruin it too much in the translation to film.

'Noggin the Nog'; This delightful animated TV series combined Vikings, dragons and ingenious devices and was made by the combination of Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin. It took me ages to get it on DVD!

It took me a couple of hours to come up with this!

Again if you would like me to give you a Letter, let me know

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