March 7th, 2013

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And it's Thursday...

Greetings, Earthlings! Not much to report; i must go up and collect my pills. i've been waiting for the Pension Credit review phone call and bang on time, around 2.30pm it came in. No, no other income but State Pension [which would be less than the minimum allowed without Pension Credits, due to working overseas for a long time]; no, i don't own any property [i live in a Council flat] - no investments or any money of any kind coming in [except DLA, which they know about and is a benefit not income] and no, i won't be doing any paid work in the future. Check what the balance in my current Bank and savings accounts was on my birthday 15th December last year and that was it. Upshot: my entitlement to Pension credits should/will not change - just as well, as the letter telling me what i will receive this coming financial year, arrived last week. Thank you's all round, 'bye.
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Still a bit cool, inspite of some drier and indeed, occasionally sunny spells. We have had a bit of rain but mostly overnight, so we shall have to see what transpires towards the weekend. Stay warm and take care
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