March 9th, 2013

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Grey Saturday; is there anything else this year??

My icon is celebrating Sue & Alan's birthdays this month  *mucho smooches*
Love this shot!
i dunno what is happening to our weather, really i don't.  We get the odd sunny day but mostly it's been what i believe is a typical English or should i say British winter.  Grey, overcast even when it's fine, drizzle like the past two days, with or without this misty/foggy rubbish.  i could forgive it if it got on and RAINED properly; some decisive strong weather!  i guess i was spoiled by living in the tropics for so long.  It rained [even when it rained in Aden!] a good downpour - yes, for a few hours or even the whole afternoon, then it passed and the sun came out again.  i loved Malaya for that.  Even in the monsoons, when it could rain every day but not all the time, all day. Here it can simply drizzle like a runny nose, for bloody weeks!  No wonder people 'off' themselves.  If the depression doesn't get you, the boredom will.
i find the only way to beat it, is to pretend it isn't there.  No, seriously, bear with me!  Put on all the house lights, and make them 100W bulbs, none of this 60W rubbish.  Then get off yer bum and DO something!  Even if it's just the vacuuming or the ironing [put on some good bright music while you do that] or if you can get out for an hour or two, do it.  This is easy for those with dogs, who must be walked.  But take your camera with you, even in the rain.  You never know what you'll see.
And no, i haven't forgotten those of us who can't go for a walk.  If you are tired of 'doing', go the other way and curl up on the sofa, with a warm throw or duvet - there will probably be something to watch on TV and if there isn't watch a DVD.  Or if you really want to get your feet up, pop into bed to keep warm, with a handful of magazines or a couple books you haven't read yet.
i'm in the middle of a deep-spring clean, kinda a hospital ward deep-clean if you know what i mean.  My DVDs were starting to spill over in to piles - the books always do! - and so are the CDs.  So i had a major re-think and worked out where i could put new storage in the lounge.  Then i cleared out the land of Spare'Oom [my hall cupboard], literally everything out into the hall & bedroom.  You can walk into this cupboard and i keep my tumble drier there [just leave the door open, as it doesn't need an outside vent].  i swept the floor and put the open shoe-rack [used as bookcase in the bedroom], down the inside of the short part of the L and put it all back, neatly and in order.  WHAT a difference that made!  i even have the old flat-screen TV in there, until i can get rid of it.  This will confuse Ginger, but i moved the bed to the opposite wall - it dims Him-Next-Door's snoring somewhat!
Anyway, this meant that i had decent space in the bedroom for two tall white bookcases.  Being white they simply disappear into the wall; even filling them with books doesn't make them loom. It's taken me a few days to get this far and make up the bookcases [Argos flat-packs on sale, with free delivery!].  i did them on the bed, bringing my working surface waist high, then easily sliding them onto the floor.  Not the lightest of jobs, but it all went well and i had them done in a couple of days. i could have done them both on the same day but i tire quickly these days and one per day was just fine.  i have one of those battery screwdrivers [brilliant things] and my god, it really cuts down on the time it takes to screw it all together and the wear & tear on your hands and wrists.  i'm not a good DIYer really, i can't saw a straight line to save me [wonder if a power cutter would fix that?].  But anyone can put a flat-pack together with all the holes pre-drilled - just don't loose the instructions!
The second shot is of a couple of those little cube bookcases, for extra CD space.  i did need to follow the instructions for those [held together internally with dowel pegs and screwed round the outsides]; it did mean they weren't adjustable and they are actually deep enough to hold two rows, but they should do well enough.
Luckily the bookcases in the bedroom have adjustable shelves, except for the one across the middle.  It does restrict the depth of the shelving and i might just have to drill some new holes but for the moment, they'll do.
Right, back to the grindstone!  Having paused for dinner and some TV - have you seen 'Battleship'?  With Liam Neeson and the delectable Alexander Skaarsgard [Eric Northman from True Blood] and a rather dishy Japanese captain; must get his name - A-something Takana?  The American pretty-boy hero was predictably instantly forgettable; sorry, son.  i'll remember the disabled soldier with the tin legs for a lot longer.  Knock-out special effects, however, couldn't disguise this would be Navy 'Top-Gun' ra-ra.
My 'Game of Thrones 2' came and at £10 cheaper than when i ordered it - well done, Amazon!  i'll be fast forwarding to Arya and the fascinating Tom Wlaschiha shortly!  A man must be admired again... :D
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