March 12th, 2013

waterfall with Lovejames, dhamphir

Weird weather...

It can't make up it's mind what it's doing basically.  It did the driving-snow-bit alternating with sunshine yesterday and today it's doing the cloudy-but-fine and outright sunshine, but damned cold wind.
i have to go out and get my hair cut before i start tripping on it...  LOL but seriously it's getting annoying.  i need to go have some documents viewed at the library for a CRB check [so i can read to the little darlings] and i put it off yesterday on account of the snow.  i might do it today after the hairdressers; must ring and make sure there's a manager on deck, before i go.
i've posted lots of photos but i rarely post cartoons.  So i'll remedy that with one of my favourites, Diamond Lil and the ants from B.C.
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