March 25th, 2013

Meathiel, three cats

A collection of pictures for Monday 25.03.13

okay, not too brilliant a day but every day is a good day to be alive :D
Love the R2D2 homage; these branches look like my garden, only prettier; i just love these old cabinets and printers' trays, some of which are made into the doors of the next cabinet.  i'll have to do another post as LJ is doing it's only printing a few picture again - bloody annoying
ao LengYue 陶冷月(1895—1985) 01
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Pink dragon with frozen breath - roxicon

More Monday pictures

damned LJ wiped my post again - having uploaded 8 photos!!  ************
try again...
My front & back garden; pretty branches, nicer than my garden; my friend Mark checking his emails [job hunting]; 2 shots of Brown's cafe, across the road from the FitzWilliam Museum; 2 pics of street art, love the teapots, so clever; puss-in-a-box; tomato-loving cat; i love these old printers' trays, set as doors in the cabinet; R2D2 squared and a view of the Red Sea [ever widening] from the International Space Station by Col Chris Hadfield.  Such a clever and generous man who's taken loads of photos and shared with us.Collapse )
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