April 28th, 2013

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Book of Days... Sunday, 28th April 2013

Kazzy's Book of Days meme reminded me i hadn't posted for a while, so here i is

Outside my window: The back garden, private and secluded, has decided it’s Spring! Then of course, we aren’t out of the woods yet, more ground frosts and strong winds still to come!

My thoughts... on Sunday 28th April 2013 – don’t feel like concentrating on anything seriously and the beauty is that i don’t really have to. Freewheeling on what is coming up – a visit to the ‘Plastics’ Dept for a proper diagnosis and treatment of a flower-like mark on my left cheek; probably skin cancer of some kind. i’m more concerned about what they will do it, than what it is, if you know what i mean. Hope they don’t want to poke needles into my face! *shudders* Trying to keep my mind off that... And not use my credit card for anything, as i want to reduce the amount on it. So not buying anything i can’t pay for from my current account [money that i actually have].

Today's Quote... “No matter where you go, there you are” – ‘Buckeroo Banzai’

I am thankful for... making it this far in life, in the hope of a VERY long life to come – as long as i can see, hear and walk [even if it isn’t far]; i wanna live forever!

What I learned this week... you can get skin cancer years after you have stopped going out in the tropical sun, very odd i think

From the kitchen last week... i still cook, eat part and freeze the rest in batches; doing prep-work sitting on my beautiful new kitchen stool [actually a bar stool, with gas lift]. Freezer currently bursting at the seams; nice feeling. Trying to reduce what i spend on groceries every week. i use Tesco’s delivery service and shop online to save on my legs. i could not do a supermarket shop on foot, without some serious pain [even with painkillers] and immobilising myself for a couple of days afterwards! i just manage a few items locally if i run out or buy eggs from my local greengrocer, which i do all the time as he has large fresh eggs from a local farm. We have one of the best Italian delis in the country, Limoncello’s, just up the road. They have the best selection of olives i’ve ever seen and a wonderful meat counter. They also have a good selection of cheese, locally baked bread & pastries and every type of pasta you could think of. Not cheap [what is?] but Yum!

I am creating (crafts, sewing etc)... Not this week, unless you count cleaning & repairing some jewellery for a friend who wants to sell it, as i’m helping her to do that. Have put half of her stuff on Ebay so far, the rest this week. We do have some ‘watchers’ but i’m afraid we may not sell much. Still, fingers crossed, you never know in these tight financial times.

My adventures this week... (where are you going this week?).. No adventures but i have renewed my passport [around £80 with postage *swoons*]; hadn’t realised it had run out. i think it is worth doing, as it’s the best form of identification you can have. i’ll be keeping up my theatre visiting – next, more contemporary dance from Richard Alston’s Ballet Group in a couple of weeks.

Becoming well read (What are you reading this week?).. Working my way through a backlog of magazines just now, with just the odd book thrown in there and of course, the Sunday papers today.

I manifest and co-create (what are your hopes and dreams this week).. i don’t really have for this week specifically, or next. i cut back really hard on my commitments to do what i wanted to – but the Reading Aloud Library programme has sputtered to a halt; not their fault really or mine, but the place we were going to test-drive this, their manager persuaded her husband to come in and a friend of hers too. i think it was mainly because it took SO long to get official clearance for me and she had been thinking ‘starting next week’ frame of mind. i can’t blame her but i do think the Ladies of the Library should have warned her... *shrugs* i’m ready...

Melody (what music are you listening to? even if it's just the sound of a bird).. i’m giving myself time off just now as i had been on a tremendous Billy Idol kick – and that was pretty much all i played for a couple of weeks. i have these binges sometimes, kinda like the custard tart one... ‘nice day for a white wedding...’ i was able to record the Super Overdrive concert last week; Billy looking so fit for a 50-something and sounding great. i actually like the way he looks now, to how he looked in his baby-face days and the body has held up well... um, oh yes...

One of my favourite things.. recording programmes on the SkyPlus box; for three reasons – one, so i can play it as often as i like; two, so i can fast forward through the BLOODY ADVERTISING! And three because i can record two programmes at once. True, i can’t watch a third at the same time but i can watch one i’ve already recorded. Brilliant.

Goals reached last week... Selected, photographed, catalogued [took hours but necessary] and listed half of friend’s stuff for sale on Ebay – rest this week.

Things that made my week this week.. ordering some gorgeous bespoke ‘flatties’ from Mandarina, with little bees – quite irresistible... Hope you can see them.
Still life (share a picture you've taken OR a picture you found online that speaks to you).. If you read my LJ, you will already know there are many photos that intrigue me; this is another - petrified sand dunes on border of Utah and Arizona. Just for sheer colourful spectacle, mind blowing.
petrified sand dunes on border of Utah and Arizona