May 14th, 2013

Lovejames Walk of Fame by Kazzy Cee

Out and about ramble

My tickets for Alison Moyet's concert and Sandi Toksvig arrived this morning; not until October for sure, but i only just managed to get appropriate tickets for AM even this far out.  You will recall i need leg room on account of knee not bending more than 90 degrees.  Particularly important at the Corn Exchange as their seats are usually damn close together [they're not fixed unfortunately].  It isn't normally a problem, if i book fast enough, as they reserve the two mezzanine boxes for Disabled patrons.  Mark dicked about making his mind if he could come, however, another friend jumped at the chance.  But those seats had gone, along with the seating reserved on the ground floor.
What a difference in prices!  Even with my Disabled Ancient Person discount, it was £22.50 each for Alison.  Sandi on the other hand, had pretty reasonable ordinary tickets.  i actually rang the box office twice and the first time i waited quite some time for them to answer.  The guy was very helpful and managed to find me one with leg room and i bought my two tickets - then just as i was just leaving the site, i noticed Sandi Toksvig mentioned in the 'buy tickets' section.  Just too late, so i rang back straight away.  i think it was because i had rung so close together that my details were quickly available and i thought £18 odd was fine - BUT what i hadn't realised was the lady automatically thought i was bringing someone with me and i had actually bought two for that price!  It's two days after AM's concert and i thought it might be too much moneywise for the friend.  i'll tell her tonight and see if she wants to go.  i really like ST's gently acerbic sense of humour.

We're going to see Richard Alston's Ballet Group tonight but at the Cambridge Arts Theatre.  They have a fixed seating plan there and even if i don't get my favourite seats on Row N, we usually manage to get a right-hand aisle somewhere.  i do have them tonight though.  You have to ring for Disabled seats as you can't book them online - for either venue actually.  We almost had a disaster the last time we had ballet seats at the CAT as we had this HUGE man in-front of us and we were both craning round him trying to see the stage - even on a tiered floor!!  We shot across the aisle at half time as those seats were vacant, thank heavens, and just behind where i normally sit.  The couple who were there, could easily have made room for us - it's a 5 seat row - but they were moving around like yo-yos!  Enough of that.
i've booked into Jamie's [i frequently do if i'm theatre-bound as it's across the street from the Corn Exchange and three steps up to the CAT, very handy] and i can't remember for the life of me if my friend is dining with me!  She doesn't always.  It won't really matter as singles are on two-tables.  i'll need to go in a bit earlier to pick-up my tickets, as they didn't post them out for some reason.  It can get rather bottle-necked at the Theatre, if you don't get in early, as quite a few pick up their tickets just before the show.

i'm taxi-ing due to rain due to get worse.  It's drizzling on & off so far.  i'll share coming back.
Have a great evening, guys!