May 23rd, 2013

Blue eyelid

Thursday, 23rd May 2013

Had an interesting meet with the plastic surgeon yesterday.  Competent lady with very good eyesight!  She's going to remove the slowly spreading flat wart on my nose [getting too close to my tear duct apparently], yay, and the little skin cancer [called a rodent ulcer, yuk] on my cheek.  Definitely not looking forward to that as it will be a local anesthetic.  Plus side, i will be rid of them finally.  Tiny possibility the ulcer could come back but 98% positive.
Pictures to cheer me...  Such pretty cups, great idea for flower table setting, mummy hedgehog and amazing white babies, guess who this handsome fella is? i love the road sign as much as i love the cartoon.  Wonderful duck from Takeuchi Seiho, love stained glass, Iris Van Herpen - these are dresses??  And lastly, my favourite joke this week.Collapse )
Have a great day!
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