June 1st, 2013

Blue flowers by querita

And it's Saturday, the glorious 1st June 2013

My Daddy would have been 93 today!  Wonder how he would have coped with old age... probably hated it, like Tithonus.  He was a real man's man and all my girlfriends thought he was eye-candy, even in his later years.  Actually, he did age well and i thought he looked better at 50 than in his tender years.  That's him & Ma in NZ.Weds 16.05.12 054
And some pictures to celebrate the 1st of June - adorable mog & kitten, Samuri armour, super cartoon, Hamilton Pool in Texas, i'd love this tattoo [with different year!], guardian angel in Warsaw, Utagowa Toyonobu's Swimming Horse, clever tapestry spiders, veg stall in Venice and Yinka Shonibare's 'Nelson's Ship in a Bottle' - clever, no?Collapse )
Have a great weekend!
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