June 3rd, 2013

waterfall with Lovejames, dhamphir

Monday, 3rd June 2013

Slapped on me hat and took myself out to enjoy the afternoon.  Managed to have a yummy Milly's chocolate milkshake; then four Thai prawns [delish!] as i dawdled around in the market square.  Lots of people, considering it's Monday - and kids; is it still holidays?? Bought some ceramic fridge letters for a friend from a super little shop, AllGoneCeramics.com [see photos] and some yoghurt covered nibbles [apricot bits, raisins & dried banana bits, totally yummy].  Popped into Boots to get some sun-screen and had to get one of the ladies to find it for me - or i'd be looking in there still!  So MUCH Stuff!  Had a single cone of pistachio & almond icecream - really pushing the boat out!  But at £1.70 for a single, you need to a fanatic to pay nearly £3 for a double.
Went back different way, through Christ's Pieces to the Grafton Centre, all trees in green fresh leaf and the inevitable half naked bodies draped over the grass. i'll never understand how a couple of hours of sun bring out this odd behavior in people, especially the British.  They never seem to know how to handle it, and by this time they should, but you can burn seriously in 20 minutes.  i took shots of the different coloured doors on the sides of New Square, never noticed them before...
Anyway, had a quick sqwiz for little weights, you know the kind you can hang off tablecloths to stop them from blowing away.  i did eventually find some but they were too heavy to clip onto my hat!  i'll have to shorten the elastic...
Recently i bought two lace tops, quite see through and i've been looking for a camisole/vest whatever for under them - Nobody needs old flabby skin blatantly displayed!  i can manage the white one okay but the khaki deep green one has been difficult to match or even find.  Managed eventually, after a trawl through H&M and BHS..  *like i need more tops!*
It's truly amazing how many people walk round texting or with earplugs - even worse, headphones! - and not looking where they're going, like a load of vacant sheep...  Baaa, baaa...  One bloke last week actually was so caught up in himself, he walked into my stationery scooter!  Didn't hurt himself [no sense, no feeling apparently] but was quite startled.  Twit.  Then you have the dawdlers, the people who walk three-abreast [all purpose inconveniencers, to other walkers too], no consideration at all - even the two-abreasters on narrow pavements, who look at you blankly until their friend/partner pulls them to one side.  i see that ALL the time.
i was going to include more photos but Livejournal playing silly buggers again.  i'll do another post... *mutters darkly*
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waterfall with Lovejames, dhamphir

Monday 3rd June - Part III!!

Let's see if it will let me finish this time?!?!
There's several pretty little parks in Cambridge City and unless i take Norfolk/Gwydir Street way home, i cross Peter's Field back to Mill Road. All leafy now too - this footpath is one of the worst surfaced incidentally.  There's a shot of my ceanothis [sp?] bush that has decided it is definitely Spring!  And finally, how many snails can you count?  They were lurking behind a flagstone, so i chucked them out onto the grass for the blackbirds...  All now participating in the Spring Snail Derby to find shelter!
There's actually 8, one is sitting on top of another in the middle!