June 17th, 2013

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Monday, 17th June 2013

Well, kiddies, another week begins...

My 15th Meme got off to a very lackluster start, as i didn't go out as i'd planned.  The Central Library had a Book Sale on, always an interesting happening, and i had planned to go have a look.  Unfortunately, i'm prone insomnia and when you don't sleep until you see dawn break at 4am, chances are you aren't going to be up early.  This was no exception and it was close to midday when i finally emerged [just like today!].  It was a real mixture weatherwise, very grey and then some brief sun.  It settled into a drizzle and that settled that.  All i did was some washing and a tidy-up in the lounge.

The 15th is Alarm Testing Day - i pay for a monitoring service that provides medical help if i need it and once a month, you press the alarm and they check you are okay.  They tell me they can hear me just fine and re-set the alarm.  i guess it simply makes me feel better knowing that if i have an awkward fall [hopefully somewhere near the alarm!] or a heart attack, they'll come a-running.  i keep the 'necklace' alarm on the bed-head and the main one is in the lounge, just under desk.  i have a 'key-safe' outside the front door, so they can get in.

Saturday is an uninteresting day really, unless i go out.  Not a huge lot to watch on TV either, so i usually catch up on the stuff i've recorded or watch one of the DVDs i've bought recently.  i must get the latest Star Trek movie when it comes out.  i didn't get chance to see it in the cinema unfortunately; i'm guessing it was spectacular.

Okay, some pictures to amuse y'all.  Hmmm, LJ playing silly buggers again??  It will let me insert a video but not pictures?  Why not?  Well, that puts the kybosh on that, doesn't it??!!
Maybe later?
*ETA - on edit, it now allows me!!*
My favourite film father, Atticus, a very nice chopper, love these sea otters [so cute], fabulous bed [needs to be a bit higher off the floor for me], great watercolour tat from Zoolei, Turkey, and a wonderful old Indian...  Have a great week, guys!
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