July 1st, 2013

Blue eyelid

Monday, 1st July 2013

Time fugit-ing again, as it does.  i frequently have to remind myself what day it is, never mind the bloody date!  Such are the joys of being retired.  i had always longed for the day i didn't have to work for any more asshole employers, who sat in judgement not only on my professional abilities, but my whole demeanor too.  i've worked for many companies and employers who didn't meet MY standards, neither in quality nor professionalism.  But hey, i needed the damn money.  Then you get some badly dressed person with excruciating lack of taste looking you up and down and making their estimation of you - as if that mattered a damn.  i frequently used to watch them and think, 'oh yes, like your opinion is going to matter a good goddam to me' and having to smile politely if they were rude enough to voice it.  Oh yeah, like a person who acted as though there was a pole rammed up their ass and whose belly hid his belt and half his abdomen was going to figure on my horizon... or the one who rabbited on about my beautiful brown eyes and gave the job to a man less qualified that me.  SO glad those days are over.  Fuck you collectively, assholes!
Yes, i do feel better - just wish occasionally i had been able to let them know what pitiful people they were.

i have the dressings taken off at the Hospital on Wednesday - what's this 9am crap??  i joked with the lady who made the appointment that my eyes would probably be shut and i'd be sleep-walking... She thought that was a fine joke; what joke?  Seriously, the sooner the better, so i didn't argue.  They itch!  i will be SO pleased to be rid of them.  i will go straight home and wash my hair in the shower!  Have had to have dry shampoos as i can't get them wet.  Bloody annoying.  My hair is starting to itch too, in sympathy!  Ho hum...

Well, lets see if i can put some nice pictures on here, eh?  i adore the kitchen units with the buildings on them! And the space-saving kitchen table... and the totally yummy chocolate cups!Collapse )
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