July 3rd, 2013

Dhamphir - Coloured bottles

Face surgery report - June/July 2013


D-Day, or should i say Op-Day, minus one...  Booked taxi for tomorrow morning but trying not to think about it too much.  Must go out shortly and get some bread, milk and cash.
i felt sorry for the organisers of the Norfolk street fair/party on Saturday when it alternately rained and blew a gale.  i was going to go but just didn't fancy getting wet.  It wasn't a lot better on Sunday or yesterday, though it didn't rain and we had the odd bit of sun. It's still windy but a lot more sunny today. Here endeth the weather report!

If you don't want the medical details and the sight of my face is going to bother you - please, do not read any further, i've added photos.

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So all done bar the shouting. I'll be very interested to what I look like in a month's time. I go back for a check-up on 12th August.

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