July 12th, 2013

dripping face by Marion Bolognesi

Work of Anna Gillespie, sculptor

Thought i'd show you some more of Anna Gillespie's work, which i really like.  Except for the acorn man [acorn cups set into bronze], second to last, who frankly gives me the CREEPS.  i admire the mask but that too disturbs me, it's the bumpy finish - i won't say anymore as i think it would give YOU the creeps!  i love the fishy montage and the silvery one, called 'Leap' best.  The crouching figure in the garden is called 'Gathering Time', next is 'Flying Boy', then 'Leap', followed by 'Rescue Me' and the three figure set is called 'Standing In God's Breath'.  i think Ms Gillespie is one of the most talented i have ever seen.
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