August 5th, 2013

Jill - Green leaf with water by dhamphir

And it's Monday, 5th August 2013...

Time flying again...  i finally got my A-into-G, got some plastic interlock tiles and sorted out the entrance into the front garden and the bins.   Had to strip the pebbles from the right side [under the bins], as i wanted something smoother and level for the bin area; that was a bitch!  My lovely neighbour took out a couple of old roots from the left side and i pinned membrane down before covering it in the pebbles.  Luckily there was enough sand left on the right to go under the tiles and it was a simple matter to lay them.  The area is just long enough for the three bins. They look good, non?
You can see from the last shot from the gate, coming into the garden, that the major part of the area still need paving.  i have the membrane but still need to buy sand and the thrice-accursed paving slabs.  Problem here is that the street access is against me.  If they dump the sand on the street path, i will need to shift it all into the garden.  i'm told i can borrow a wheelbarrow, which would enable me to do it, but i'll need to shovel it into said w/b and trundle it down the Mews.  i'm the last in the row, of course!  i can have all the membrane down and ready - i'll have to prise up the pavers that are already there and level the ground as much as i can, before i do that.  If i can buy the necessary extra pavers too, it could be accomplished fairly easily...  i guess i could stack them against the walls, as i want to leave a strip the width of the one by the gate, all the way round the area.  All i need is about £200 for the sand and pavers. Yeah, right.

It goes against the grain to pour money into/onto this project, as it is not my garden or my house; it is Council property.  They will happily 'allow' me to do this, as they have no intention of helping one jot or iota.  Will Beavitt, our Estate Champion, is a total sweetie and will help as much as he can, viz. wheelbarrow, borrowed from the local Ranger, but he isn't really allowed.  It purely drags at my intention as i REALLY hate pouring money into this, like water down the drain, as the only people who gain from my money and effort will be the Council and the tenants who come after me.  Just be my luck, they'd be keen gardeners and want to dig it all up!!
i still have a problem with the corner of the proposed area to be done, the old vine still lurking like a reluctant Triffid, just as tenacious and difficult to move.  i keep having a hack at it but will probably need Lovely Neighbour to shift it.  He didn't try to shift much of it the first time round... sounds niggardly, i know as he made such a great job of clearing the area initially, but i wish he'd stuck to his guns and got it out.  You can see how old this bloody thing is...and that it is still alive!  In spite of the gallons of plant poison i pour on it...  Ah me.  i'll need a saw to cut off the bits at the top of the cinderblock wall, they're too thick for my ratchet secateurs.  So, i'll keep hacking, i guess...
Later, guys.
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