August 13th, 2013

Black kitty - Kazzy Cee

Tuesday, 13th August 2013

Saw the Plastic Surgeon's Registrar yesterday - another lovely lady - and she confirmed they got all the rodent stuff, hooray!  Keep putting a little ointment on and massage the area to help smooth the lumpies.  Yay!  Very pleased.
Today, i have my annual Eye test this afternoon.  i don't think i need new lenses, we'll see the Optician agrees.
i was up early today, just had enough sleep i guess.  It worked in my favour as the garden guys came and did their summer trim and tidy-up.  Great guys.
Some piccies for y'all...  A gorgeous bonsai, mama puma & sweet little cub, two VERY curious meercats, the most unusual moth i have ever seen and a very stylish houndstooth dress, most unusual.   Gorgeous Love LA scarf and the one and only much-missed Ray Harryhausen...
Hope you have a terrific week!
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The One and Only Ray Harryhausen
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