August 24th, 2013

waterfall with Lovejames, dhamphir

Saturday, 24th August 2013

Drizzly rain again... but forecast to get drier by fits & starts; what else is new?  This is England.
Mixture of pictures for you today with some super jokes & comic strips - love Calvin & Hobbes doin' the Firefly!  Love the friendly cheetah; totally adorable little steampunk dragon; love Bizarro jokes; wish we could buy Heritage/Heirloom tomatoes in the shops, as i'm a crap gardener [you can buy little plants & seeds in season]; BT's hay-fever wolf; Rainscape by Hasui Kawasei; my favourite green solution to birdstrikes!  Lastly, a really beautiful leopard and the final word from Shoe.Collapse )
Have a wonderful August Bank Holiday!
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