September 8th, 2013

Dhamphir - Coloured bottles

Sunday, 8th September 2013

They tell you time speeds up when you turn forty - what they don't say is how fast it moves when you turn 60!  It simply gallops...  It's the first week of September ALREADY!
i've just bought some really nice material, royal blue with big white polka dots and navy with lime green ones... i can see a totally massive sewing jag coming on soon!  i have quite a lot of material that i have been storing up and i have some more curtains to make too.  i need to do some remedial sewing too.  If i buy something with buttons down the front, no matter how nicely it fits and doesn't bag around them, i always wind up sewing it shut.  i might leave one or two open at the top, depending on how close round the neck it is.  It won't be tight though, as i hate 'tight' anything.  i only wear bras now because large sagging boobs ain't purty.  Not like they used to be - but i gotta tell you ladies, everything sags when you get old!  Bought three super-light summer tops with buttons and need to attend to them.   Which reminds me, i must adjust the stitch tension... fiddly business and i'm never completely sure i have it right until i test sew a bit, to make sure.
i saw Kirstie Allsopp wearing a navy blue dress with large white polka dots on her homemaking show a couple of weeks ago and just loved it.  She had a lime green dress with white too that was nice.  She says some of her dresses are Samantha Sung [gorgeous but not cheap] and some are Jaeger.  Ms K must be a lot smaller than she looks, or SS make them to her size...  i've always liked shirt dresses but trying to find dress pattern wasn't easy.  Many brands don't make large lady patterns, which is illogical if you look at it.  i trawled Ebay until i found pretty much what i wanted and was delighted to find the navy/lime green dots; i think it looks gorgeous.
It's Cleaning Day today and i'd cleared the bedroom floor and done a light dust before i had breakfast - first load in washing machine as i write.  Knee deep in filth here in the sitting room!  i'm in the process of doing a pick-up and dust in here before i get out the vac.  i'm prevaricating...but wanted to answer some emails before i got stuck in.  BUGGER! spilt coffee on the front of my desk and down my dress.  Spent the last few minutes mopping up.  One more for the Red wash...  Gotta go, but have a great day!  p.s. dress is a Samantha Sung, a squad of adorable ducklings, artist Huang Guofu and photographer Igor Zenin's Trees
34347964op_14_fChinese Artist Huang Guofu
Photo by Igor Zenin
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