September 9th, 2013

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Monday, 9th September 2013

What a bloody irritating morning!  After a 12 hour fast, i presented myself at the doctors', clutching my urine sample - to find my 0845 appointment wasn't on their list.  Some stupid twat had either not put on the right day or changed it and not told me, but i had been moved to this Wednesday.  To say i was annoyed would be this month's understatement and i didn't bother to hide it.  The following Doctor's appointment was the same, so at least.  This is my annual diabetic review and it should have been bloods, blood pressure & urine sample today, followed by the actual review on 24th.   i hate getting up early [unless it is to go somewhere nice, like on holiday] and as it was chilly and dank, i was even less pleased.  i came home and had some cereal & coffee for my meds, then went back to bed for a couple of hours.
i was up when the postie came and when the gardeners cut the grass... at different parts of the morning!  i had a late lunch at 2pm and felt much better; ham & tomato and cheese & tomato toasteds.
i found some nice seahorse piccies, specially for seahorse lovers, and i'm posting some of the good cartoons... and the amazing Jet LiCollapse )
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