September 18th, 2013

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Wednesday, 18th September 2013

What's with this weather??  Is that it, summer over?  Short and relatively sweet...
First night of Henry 6th last night - the cast [i recognised some faces of good UK actors] did well with the odd setting, all bits of scaffolding and actors not actually acting sitting at the side & back, so they could change tabbards [which they did onstage, which was unsettling and distracting] and some of them taking more than one part! They had young King Henry sitting at the back of the stage reading a book most of the time as well! Very odd.
Combine all that with a chaotic first couple of scenes, trying to work out who was who.  None of your 'here-comes-Gloucester-now' to help you out.  As the play progressed, there was some naming of names but it was patchy.  i guess these characters would have been pretty well know, in theory, to the audience at the time but it was very confusing to a modern one.  i had the intention of reading through the play before i went, as it's not one that gets aired very often, but i found the first few pages almost as confusing and gave up!  i'll go back and read it when we're done.
What is interesting was the inclusion of Joan of Arc and her story which had a bearing on the battle between France & England over French land after the death of Henry 5th.  She started well and we lost most of the land back to France, before she was captured [and murdered later in England].  The perspective was interesting as this was told by the Tudor Shakespeare many years later.  The superstition of the time called schizophrenia witchcraft, as she owned to hearing voices, poor girl.
Part Two tonight and as the same actors are in all the plays, hopefully more clarity.  Problem with these plays is they are not historically accurate and barely in sequence.  The times were not as bloody or chaotic as Shakespeare portrays them and most of the peasants kept on doing their work in the fields and so on.  There were about 10 battles in this time frame, which he has edited to suit his story but none of them were long and protracted and lasted only a few hours at most.  i guess what you have to do, as with most of Shakespeare's historical plays, is to ignore reality and go with the play as a play.  Like making a movie from a book, with mucho editing.
Pics - gorgeous colours; big-horn sheep on Buffalo Bill Dam, Wyoming; Corral Boots and a beautiful owl tattoo
Buffalo Bill Damn, Shoshone River, Wyoming
Corral Boots
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31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 1

i'm behind on my posting, so will do Days 1 & 2 together

Day 1

Intro & recent photo: Well, I'm single [as in never married] and this is me taken a couple of years ago. I did think about getting married a couple of times but never seriously, and as i didn't want children, i couldn't see the point.


We never like the way we look, do we? We always would like to change something; mouth/nose too small/big, not thin enough, don't like the colour of our hair, etc, etc. I'm not vain enough to dye my hair all the time, so it's slowly going white.

i'm not sure if this will be the last place i live in, but it's a reasonable bet, it may be the last country. i did toy with going back to Australia, but the thought of having to sort out the pension (and would i still qualify for DLA?) is daunting, to say nothing of the meds i take now [even though Medicare is pretty good there].

i've lived in 5 countries now, Malaya, Aden, New Zealand, Australia and back to UK, where i was born [left aged 3]. i came back to live here in '91 after Dad died and time has flown since then. Mum died in '98 and i pretty much considered myself an orphan after that. i do have some relatives but not really close ones.

i've had a long association with things medical and hospitals, at various times of my life since i was small and i tried totting up how many general anesthetics i'd had once - about 11, i think. Start at the top and work down - i'm not counting locals, that'd take far too long! So, a couple of dental [3 wisdom teeth, a mass of fillings & two crowns], gall bladder, hernia, hysterectomy, bladder op, hip replacement, three ops on my knee to repair dislocation & ankle break, then knee replacement 30 years later!

Day 2

20 facts: I'm 1.68m tall and currently weigh 110kgs [back to the diet!].

I'm a Type 2 diabetic, very irritating as I had to change the way I eat.

One of my meds forbids me to eat grapefruit, which I like.

I don't really like my own name! But not enough to change it by deed poll or anything.

My feet are relatively small for my size apparently, at size 7.5 UK or 41/42 EU [it always depends on the make, doesn't it?] and being prone to swollen ankles, I rarely wear shoes with a back.

Mules/clogs and sandals and the occasional soft boot are my fare nowadays.

Sad, as I love shoes – me and Imelda! I recently bought some Converse Wonder Woman sneakers, which I may wear some time but for now they are on a shelf where I can admire them.

I have an extensive library of books, DVDs and some CDs [not as many as those]. Books, I couldn't live without.

I love Sci-Fi and crime mysteries [lots of female detectives!] in their many forms.

I tend to 'tape' programmes on TV if they are on commercial channels, so I can fast-forward through the ads – HATE advertising with a passion!

I love traveling, pretty much anywhere. But I have a low-level dread of missing trains & buses, so i'm frequently early. I also hate being late for appointments and meetings.

I wear glasses all the time now – used to wear contact lenses, over 20 years, but now I have 'dry' patches on my eyes and can't wear them anymore or I'll damage the eyes. I have a tendency for the blood vessels to be drawn into the iris too, not good. By ceasing to wear lenses, I have caused this to stop and the vessels have retracted, thank heavens.

My Diabetic Nurse says I must moisturise my lower legs & feet every day now, to keep them in the best condition and avoid any tears or splits in the skin developing into skin ulcers. Lovely how they tell you the worst scenario every time, isn't it? I'm pretty darn healthy [touch wood] actually.  Nurses (and doctors) who have never seen my legs, specially the left one, tend to freak out as it's always dry & flakey and different in texture to the right; she was no exception...
You always feel that if you develop all this stuff they predict in such dire terms, they'd be vindicated in some way – well, I do! One of my doctors almost looked pleased when she diagnosed me as a diabetic, as i'd been skirting around the edges for such a long time... *shakes head* I think there's quite a lot of that smug i-told-you-so mixed in there.

EVERYTHING is due to being fat, of course, as well. As my DN, being overweight herself, at least didn't get that preachy tone or attitude, so I didn't feel like slapping her, more than once or twice. These stick-thin types always look down their noses at you, no matter how hard they try not to [i'm being generous about them trying!], and have not a clue how hard it is to loose even a few pounds – never mind keep it off.

How many's that? 16... okay...

I love Real coffee, not instant [I do like the Kenco Millicano though]. I like flavoured syrups too, especially hazelnut. It's a lot more common in USA, which is where I had them first. Soooo many flavours there. You can buy quite a few from Whittards now.

I only drink Earl Gray tea at home and rarely touch tea otherwise. Why, oh why, much people drink it so strong, you could mistake it for coffee by looks? It tastes horrible and usually stewed by the time you drink it. Yuk! That should be enough facts...


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