September 23rd, 2013

Dhamphir - Jill red white blue sparkle

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 8

What's in your handbag?
Wow, hang about... Wallet & coin purse, paper napkins (and frequently, my camera, and/or a small bottle of still mineral water) in the main part; comb, glasses polishing cloth, dental floss, lip salve, handkerchief and whistle in the smaller section and my Tardis business card case, taxi numbers card, small mirror, bus pass and usually my mobile phone in the outside pocket. There's a tiny side-section, just big enough to slide a lippy in or in my case, something medical.

i can get a fair amount in the main part of the bag, even though it is a small bag.  i have bigger ones, so i can put in an A4 folder, but usually use this for general daily use.  Mind you, i took a folder with me to a meeting last week without changing bags - and promptly left it behind!  The Centre very kindly posted it back to me when i rang them.
LOVE this steampunk ear cuff; beautiful but pricey felted slippers; amazing paper birds from Diana Beltran-Herrera; a real Hildebrandt's Starling from Africa; the Island of Socotra; Waldorf-Montessori toy bowls;  YarnBallStories' lovely little pea-pod with three peas and i just adore this print of tattooing cats!
Have a wonderful week!

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