September 26th, 2013

waterfall with Lovejames, dhamphir

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 11

See, i took this literally, not metaphorically...

List 15 Of Your Favourite Things:
They don't ask for just one or two, do they? Ok, in no particular order...

My Canon Power Shot S5 camera

Coffee ice-cream

11" Tardis, that makes the right noise.

My computer.

Twenty Four Hour Woman calendar

The Edward Hopper lighthouse print in the bedroom

Bee print shoes from Mandarina

Converse Wonder Woman sneakers - more shoes!

A small netsuke collection

Colt Mobility Scooter

Aging Singer Table-Top Electric Sewing Machine, with foot switch operation

My £1 chair, off Ebay, that included delivery!

Goanese Fish Curry, with spicy fishcakes [Haven't had a good one for 45 years, but the memory can still make me drool!]

Fresh bread straight from the bakery

The Tom Hardwidge mantis

BUT if we're talking metaphorically, i'd have to list days out with Mark, sunshine, a good rainstorm, birdsong [not those bloody pigeons!], shopping for shoes!  i love home delivery on my groceries, having a meal out with a friend, traveling pretty much anywhere, and i'd have to include my digital camera, as it cuts out the middle man and i no longer have to get film developed.  i can get a photo online within 5 minutes of taking one [if i'm at home] and boy, does that make the world small!