September 27th, 2013

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31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 12

What's Inside Your Fridge: oh my...

On a regular/semi-permanent basis, starting at the top:

Anchor Spreadable butter, bacon in sandwich amounts [i keep the rest in the freezer], some cooked meat like salami, ham, olives, lump of chorizo [also rest in freezer], pate sometimes, various things like left-overs in plastic containers [that i will probably finish off the next day], a range of cheeses [from parmesan, Gruyère, big piece of cheddar, maybe some blue cheese (nice with a crisp sweet apple!) etc], some fruit, then free-range eggs, various soft vegetables like tomatoes [yes, i keep most of them in the fridge or they'd go off before i finished them], cucumber and more veggies in the vegetable drawer [ginger, garlic, cabbage, lettuce, spring onions and so on.

Then in the fridge door, i store mint sauce, yoghurt, various drink tins of San Pelligrino orange & lemon and the occasional 7-Up. Also beef/chicken stock, 2-litre containers of semi-skimmed milk and i'm trying out a orange/peach flavoured water too.

Sunday, i put a side of salmon [on sale at £10-12] in the fridge until i could skin it and yesterday, cut it up into meal-sized pieces , usually 6-8 meals. i had some that night, marinaded in Thai Green Curry sauce... yum! *reminder to self: buy more peanuts/cashews; i'm out*
i bought some Vintage/Heritage tomatoes that are on the top of the freezer to remind me to roast them [tough skins] but they are very nice - and have that divine just-off-the-vine smell.  :D

Must go have to put in repeat prescriptions to the Doctors...