September 30th, 2013

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31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 15

Time-line of your Day:

It'd be a day with or without appointments. With appointments and things to do, it still depends on what time they are and what time i went to bed. Being an insomniac can be very un-funny. i try and set meetings etc for afternoons but do have some that are mornings, of course. i like to wash my hair in the morning if i have time but if it's an early start, i'll do that the day before.

Sunday was a quiet day with no appointments, of course, but to me a day like any other really, just with no post. Being retired means i can suit myself pretty much what time i get up and if i didn't sleep until 3am, that's a blessing. Mind you, i have rolled into the doctors' for a blood test at 8am, with my eyes at half-mast! But there's nothing like an arm-amputating blood-pressure-cuff or sharp needles to wake you up! This Sunday, i was actually up around 10.15am and decided to have breakfast before my hair-washing shower; always a dicey move as i usually read my emails while i eat and i can forget what time it is sometimes and get caught up answering etc - then you find it's 11.50 and you still need to shower before the Tesco delivery at 1pm! All my order was there for a change - not only were there several items missing last week but they said my Sunday papers weren't there yet too! Luckily, they were here this week. i do get tetchy when i have to go up and get them after the delivery! The whole point is my NOT having to out on Sundays.

Days with no appointments [having lots more of those now :), i can sleep in to whatever time to get my 7-8 hours. i try and sleep as much as i can as i'm a very light sleeper and Him-next-door tries to cough up a lung several times a night...and the medical opinion is that you will live longer if you sleep better. i'm still aiming at being the first woman to live to 150...or more!

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Have a great week!

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