October 1st, 2013

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31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 15 - doubled up!

Time-line of your Day:

It'd be a day with or without appointments. With appointments and things to do, it still depends on what time they are and what time i went to bed. Being an insomniac can be very un-funny. i try and set meetings etc for afternoons but do have some that are mornings, of course. i like to wash my hair in the morning if i have time but if it's an early start, i'll do that the day before.

Sunday was a quiet day with no appointments, of course, but to me a day like any other really, just with no post. Being retired means i can suit myself pretty much what time i get up and if i didn't sleep until 3am, that's a blessing. Mind you, i have rolled into the doctors' for a blood test at 8am, with my eyes at half-mast! But there's nothing like an arm-amputating blood-pressure-cuff or sharp needles to wake you up! This Sunday, i was actually up around 10.15am and decided to have breakfast before my hair-washing shower; always a dicey move as i usually read my emails while i eat and i can forget what time it is sometimes and get caught up answering etc - then you find it's 11.50 and you still need to shower before the Tesco delivery at 1pm! All my order was there for a change - not only were there several items missing last week but they said my Sunday papers weren't there yet too! Luckily, they were here this week. i do get tetchy when i have to go up and get them after the delivery! The whole point is my NOT having to out on Sundays.

Days with no appointments [having lots more of those now :), i can sleep in to whatever time to get my 7-8 hours. i try and sleep as much as i can as i'm a very light sleeper and Him-next-door tries to cough up a lung several times a night...and the medical opinion is that you will live longer if you sleep better. i'm still aiming at being the first woman to live to 150...or more!

Yesterday, i went into town in the middle afternoon to pick up an online order from John Lewis [some super Christmas decs from them this year].  Had a hellova job finding the customer pick-up area as the little map the shop supplies online shows a side entrance [there isn't one], is wrong and TOTALLY USELESS!  No, it wasn't on the side of the building, that little road went into some depot, with formidable barriers coming up from the road and across the access.  i was looking at the barriers, when this large truck came down after me.  Couple of blokes came up to see what the trouble was - i couldn't get onto the pavement out of the way, as the drop to the road was WAY to high for my scooter, so the truck had to back up to let me out!  He did, thanks mate!  And i trundled back up to the front of the building again.  From THIS angle, i could see a sign that said Customer Collections... amazing, but i wasn't done yet.  Managed to gain access [why do some automatic doors open OUT into you?], to find a sign that said Collections now in the basement.  i looked down the long, steep flight of many stairs and said rude words.  i found a door that let me into the main store and an employee said 'main lift access to basement'.  Crossed the whole store to lifts at the side of main store doors, thinking 'i could have come in this way in the first damn place' and various more rude words.  Got down to basement [trying not to run over people as i reverse out of the lift] - marked as '-1' in the stupid lift, what's wrong with friggin' 'basement'??  No signs to Collection point, until you come back from the Customer Service area, as far left as you can go... sign is side-on from lifts...  *grumble, mutter, foment*  Bloke in Customer Service shows me the way - THERE it is, tucked into the corner on the opposite side of the floor.  Small, sullen little boy behind desk takes my print-out and punches info into machine/computer?  Get this - i have to show proof of ID before he okays collection!  It'll be right out, he says.
10 minutes later, even he is getting jumpy and he goes to peer through a door to see if anyone is coming.  Eventually a girl comes to the desk clutching a parcel - 'Crossley'? she says. Brief. i take the parcel from her and put it in my scooter bag, before going on my merry way.  What a friggin' palaver!

i had a soothing banana milkshake and buy some beautiful, big, lime green chrysanthemums in the market...  £3.95 for 3...but worth it.  i splash out and get two bunches.  i don't normally buy cut flowers but these are Gorgeous.  Toodled off home.
i must go up to the chemists, prescription to pick up and one to fill.  And put scooter on charge when i get back, forgot yesterday when i got home.
Are you having a nice week?  Weather's pretty good so far :D
Aren't these button GLORIOUS??  They sell various types of birds [Ebay]

ETA - Got my pills and bought a new vase for my crysanths on the way home, couldn't resist it!  *moneybags*
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