October 3rd, 2013

Lovejames Walk of Fame by Kazzy Cee

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 17 & 18

Double dose today, as they are both short answers..

What is your most proud moment?

Hmmm... i've been proud of many people when they stood up for themselves or others, or achieved something they've worked for and done it well [thinking recently of Lynnie in particular here and all those who went on to do life changing courses, since i've known them]. Can't think of a proud-of-me moment off the cuff. Have to give that some thought.

18. The meaning behind your Blog name:

Lovejames - this was a reality in the early years of my James Marsters infatuation. So many knew me online as Lovejames after that, and as it covered the other James-es in my life [my grandfather and a couple of friends], i like the name and never bothered to change it.