October 4th, 2013

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31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 19 & 20

Double dose again...  ha ha

19. What do you collect?

i used to collect a load of things, like dragons, jugs, owls - and a load of jewellery! i've stopped most of it, though i still like the odd piece of netsuke [if i can afford it] and old spoons. i can rarely resist unusual and beautiful earrings and of course, shoes. Me and Imelda Marcos! i'd been very firm with myself this year - until i saw the Wonder Woman Converses, Parrot shoes and the bespoke Bee flatties from Mandarina... *sigh* Woe is me! i SO don't NEED any more... i found it hard to throw some things away, like cameras. i found i had a load of them at one stage and hardened my heart and sold/gave most away. i do regret getting rid of my old Roliflex though; wish i'd kept that. It was a dinosaur then, and an antique now, but it took beautiful photos.

20. A difficult time in your life:

*laughs* Just one? There have been a few... several difficult medical patches [rebuilding my life after i smashed up my leg being a major one], and hateful work ones [the last job i had (with the UberBitch), before i was made redundant again for the fifth time; how i HATED the Yorkshire job market] and the killer never-to-be-forgotten years after my Mum died. Being in a different country cushioned my Dad's death, but it was a shock and i was so angry with him for dying 20 years earlier than i expected! i couldn't believe how my Aunt made up her own malicious rumours about both of them, especially the brother she so clearly idolised; how twisted is that?

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