October 5th, 2013

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31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 21

21. Your ten favourite foods:

Medium-hot Indian Curry and Malaysian [never very hot], [my digestion's getting old!]; coffee ice-cream; Cherries Garcia frozen yoghurt; most good Italian food, but love ravioli and lasagne [hardly anyone makes a good one, not even Jamie's, who want to tart it up], stupid Jamie! A good Mexican chilli con carne; rare roast beef with Yorkshire pud and roasted potatoes; crispy squid with garlic mayonnaise; lobster thermidor; Roast falling-apart-tender pork with crackling & stuffing; Chinese Barbeque pork; prawn/pork/chicken fried rice... and BACON, crispy fried! Okay, that's more than ten, but i love good food :D
Love street art...  *LJ pissing me around today, refusing to post some shots and deleting the whole friggin' post THREE times!!*

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