October 8th, 2013

Polish bee stamp by longina

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 26 & 27

26. An old photo of you:

In bed with English or real measles, hence the sunglasses and drawn curtains - age? about 12/13? And super BORED. i had German measles in my late 20's, really quite late, and my doctor thanked me for not going into the surgery, when he came visiting; lots of pregnant women used that surgery.

Weds 16.05.12 058

27. Post your favourite recipe:

Funny, i read recipe books like magazines but have few actual favourites. They inspire me to try them sometimes and i usually wind up making my own version of it, depending on the ingredients. With so many using bloody red/green peppers nowadays, i'm often looking to substitute them. It's usually tomatoes [if it's the red colour needed]. If colour doesn't matter, than it follows that what i use doesn't either. You can get enough acidity with onions, if that is what is wanted or a good cider or wine vinegar.

Got bored with doing one day at a time... :D
i know it's photoshopped, leastways i think it is - but it did make me laugh!

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