October 13th, 2013

Hidden Key by Kazzy Cee

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 31

'Last Day'...  How many of you remember that?  One of the most original Sci-fi films ever.

31. Why do you blog?

Hmmmm, that's an interesting question.

i guess the best answer is that it's a way to keep in touch with people who don't live near me and especially those overseas as well. Blogs in and around places like Facebook & Livejournal [the main bases i use; seriously, how many do you need?], help do that and point me to interesting places that are new to me.

Just this week, i followed links on Mister Finch [Facebook] to a lot of new artists. i find great amusement in following these pages, find like-minded people and things. i can spend hours, literally, checking them out and looking at what they do, make etc. The Internet is now so big, i doubt anyone would run out of things to see.

One can and does run out of time however; in my case, i frequently realise i've been sitting working on the computer, answering emails and and going online to catch up on the day, for a VERY long time! If i don't have to go out, i can still be in whatever i threw on when i got up, tapping away quite happily. Then i surface for pill-taking and follow the urge to eat and pee!

What i do find very curious in these places, is this odd preoccupation for some with adding as many 'Friends' as they can, irrespective of whether they actually know them or not. Why do you want to have 200+ total strangers popping up on your Newsfeed, with the incredibly boring minutiae of their lives paraded for everyone to see? What if they all post?? The thought is too horrible to contemplate! It's not a game or some sort of competition to see how many you can add, or maybe they see Facebook, in particular, as just that. A sort of see-how-many-people-i've-'Friended' thing, as though it was a reflection of how popular or interesting they are. They are not Friends, never likely to be, nor do they wish to be - it's just flag-waving, i think.

i'm interested in what people i know or that i'm interested in are doing; why would i care about some teen who can't spell or hold a thought in it's head long enough to form a paragraph? Or worse, a person of any age who hasn't been anywhere or done anything of interest and is as dull as a cabbage. The only things they share are their 'Likes' - and i should care what a stranger likes because??

*shakes head*

I'm not annoyed at the post but with Tesco - for the second time in as many weeks, they haven't delivered my Sunday papers.  That's the whole point of getting the bloody order delivered TODAY, you soddin' cretins!  i could have waited until tomorrow, with a cheaper delivery charge, but no, not happening.  If i want my papers, i'm going to have to go out in the rain and wind, which i was trying to avoid! *gnashes teeth*  i'm going to have to polish off my withering glare, like Diamond Lil...

The beautiful, simple dress is by Elie Saab

1385105_607010022671039_38253761_n662959_original ELIE SAAB


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