October 17th, 2013

old rose - vucubcaquix

It's Thursday, 17th October 2013

Last night went to a fabulous concert by the amazing Alison Moyet.  She not only looks good but her voice is in terrific shape and she gave us a good 'un!  She seemed to enjoy it as much as we did, which is good.  She sang mostly songs off the new 'Minutes' album [along with some amazing lighting effects], but there were a few gems tucked in amongst them.  She finished with Love Resurrection, which brought the house down and had some of the disco-boys dancing in the aisles.  She gave us three songs as an encore, saying very straightforwardly 'that's it, i won't come back for more. So please don't keep calling'.  To our collective delight, they were all 'oldies' and ended on 'Don't Go' with it's very popcorn notes.  Great night ending in a standing ovation.
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i'm off to see Sandi Toksvig tomorrow night, but must catch up on some tidying up today - in spite of the hour - i slept right through until 1.05pm!  No idea how long i would have slept, had not the courier rung the door bell.  Must have needed it.
Right!  must crack on, i've spent too long here already - WHAT a surprise!  :D