October 24th, 2013

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Thursday, 24th October 2013

Calvin & Hobbes are dancing because the sun has been warm and shining - only just having some clouds now at 2.30pm... Can still be cool in the shade.

i SO hate cold-callers at any time [time never seems to worry them, from 8am to 8.30pm]; but especially when it's my main insurance company who send me the renewal notices in the post every year!  Pushy youngish woman and non too friendly either and kept calling me Mr, until it dawned on her i wasn't a man.  i sent her off with a polite but firm flea in her ear.  i don't do anything like that over the phone.  And guess what, i'm on direct debit with them anyway!!  Stupid cow, didn't that show on my account??

My blood pressure is being odd again - it was 154/84? [whatever that means] and it was taken again on Tuesday at 147/94, i think. Not sure i got the lesser one right.  Apparently this makes it about the same.  i'm due to see Dr S again in about 3 weeks and she's bound to take it again.  It seems to seesaw a bit, depending on how i'm feeling.  i told this new nurse about the time i went for a hernia operation and long story short, when the hospital came to take my blood pressure, i was SO ANGRY, i was steaming and she didn't even try to take it!  'i'll come back later', she said.  It would have been off the charts!
i'm getting sick of this damned cracked tooth root.  It's sore most of the time now and i can barely chew anything hard.  Have to have it out and a partial plate in... oh joy.  Going to be fun, fun, fun, until it all heals - it's my remaining chewing side.  Then all that goop to make impressions - the adjusting is going to be a trick, with the bone growths inside my jaw.   i just have to hope however this plate is made, won't make me gag.  More joyous times to look forward to...
*sigh*  It's all about getting old, isn't it?

Still, you gotta keep soldiering on and make it work somehow.
i love my GoComic daily page.  Diamond Lil rarely fails to make me smile and laugh out loud sometimes; i love poor old Stupid the bird.
And a seasonal smile from Thatababy
So all greetings to my USA and Halloween-loving friends, have a belting good weekend!
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