December 2nd, 2013

MEH by sunlitdays

Monday, 2nd December 2013

i went to the practice nurse for another blood test today and she says, 'Have you eaten today?'   Yes, ses i, i have to so i can take the metformin.  Oh, she says, it should be a fasting test. *At this time of day?? Not likely, THEY are always early, to catch the courier*  Ignoring rising anger, i said, 'i queried that time [11.05am] when i booked and the receptionist said, no fasting requested.  So i went along with it.  It really should be a fasting one, ses the Implacable One.  i take the useless form she gives me, to bring back next time and stomp out, pretty much ignoring her apologies.  Not her fault.  The receptionist [not the same one] adds her apologies, and tells me the computer has wiped my meds list... They have to re-input it all, and the automatic check-in is broken - not doing too well, are they?  So we do the song & dance and re-book the blood test, adding another Dr's appointment while we're at it...  i'll be 66 when i see her, as it's two days after my birthday.  GRRRRRRRCollapse )
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