December 21st, 2013

Dhamphir - ghostly face

Bloody Saturday, bloody ATM!

Yes, it's true, bad things run in threes.  Number one, i use what looks to be a new ATM at my bank and it swallows my card - and nothing happens!  i press 'cancel' and then every damn thing in sight.  Find a piece of paper and write 'Broken - Do not use' and stuff it in the slot.  Use the other ATM and get some cash out on my Mastercard.  Proceed into town; pick up reserved library book and go looking for the All Saints Craft Market.  Finally find it and go to photograph a stall - not a lot happens.  i figure dead batteries [shouldn't be, they're fresh in], but have spares. Change in new ones - and still nothing happens!!  i swear under my breath.  *i didn't know until i got home that even though i couldn't see anything on the screen, it did take a couple of pics, but not showing on the playback button* - very strange. That's #2.  Swear some more, but buy a couple of metal stamps [a dragon & letter 'J'] and a gorgeous little pottery hen.  As there's not a lot happening in the main Market and i can't photograph anything, i might as damn well go home!  i wonder what the third thing will be.  i take my purchases etc inside and throw the cover over my scooter - and it promptly tears down the middle.  Words fail me.  i drape it over best i can, so not too much gets wet - i hope.
Now have to go down the sodding bank on Monday and get bloody card back.  Oh, i forgot; when i passed the bank coming home, a guy was standing by the ATM, with a bemused expression on his face.  'Stop!' i cry and explain it's not working properly - i find my note on the ground, where some FW threw it and show him.  He had put his card in but it spat it out - it wasn't his bank, maybe that was the difference?  He said 'thank you' and carefully put my note on the ATM again.  i just have to hope it didn't spit out my card when i'd gone - i'd be in the shit if it gave it to a stranger!
This is appropriate, i think...
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