December 28th, 2013

Dhamphir - lovejames christmas bauble

Saturday, 28th December 2013

It's been a flat sort of day.  i had to wait for a postal re-delivery [08.10AM *groan*] but i decided as it was forecast sunny, for today and tomorrow, that i would go into town and visit the All Saints Market again.  It had been a gloomy day when i went last Saturday, though it stayed dry.  There a few stalls there but i think there should have been more and maybe more people too.  i did wonder if it would be a repeat in size but it was sunny though a bit cold - i didn't expect it to be totally deserted!  Not a stall in sight.  The gates were open, so people could have been there.  A bit of a let-down really.  The Market Square had quite a few of course but even there, it wasn't it's usual weekend-bursting-at-the-seams and very few craft stalls.  There may be more tomorrow but i don't know that i care.
The wind was bitterly cold, so i didn't hang about.  i could have gone home via the Grafton again but i wasn't looking to buy things as such.  Waste of time taking my camera.  Never mind, i'll go again when the weather improves; it should be nice in spring.

i wondered what i'd have for lunch and noticed the Sea Tree was open, so decided on a nice bit of haddock.  They do lovely fish on the whole but i got the scrag-end of the chips.  Lazy sods couldn't be bothered to make fresh chips??  i complained and the boy obligingly didn't charge me for this wizened lot.  i should have had bread/butter with my pot of tea.  i did enjoy the fish, though so not cheap any more.  i had a large haddock and it was £7.50 - which would have bought me a huge wonderfulness if i'd been in Harrogate.  This fish would have been their 'normal'.   Oh well, i needed the fresh air and the 'out'.

i've a Tesco delivery 11am tomorrow, so that'll get me up in decent time.  It is a great temptation to have breakfast in bed and snuggle down with me book on cold mornings, and be totally lazy!  There was a real bang this morning, on the side of the house?  It wasn't of course, just some addlepate realigning his car door, in the parking area over the fence...  i wish i could get out there and decapitate the troll, but he'd be gone by the time i did.  When you've just got back off to sleep, this kinda thing makes a girl grumpy...

My old up-lighter standard lamp died on me this week as i reported previously - problem now is, what do i do with it?  i can't unscrew it and put it in the blue bin or in a black bag in the black bin.  i'll have to ask the Ranger if he'll take it away for me.  It's difficult if you don't have a car or know someone who has who could oblige.  My local council in Sydney used to have an in-organic collection at various time in the year and they'd take everything from old stoves to broken chairs.  They don't here - you have to take stuff to THEIR collection areas, lazy sods.  Everything seems to revolve around those who have cars, most annoying.

Well, it's almost New Year, three days to go.  It's always an odd feeling when the 1st January comes around, not sure why.  i guess i always felt you should feel different somehow, but of course, you never do - unless you have a hangover!  i've never had one.  If i'm going to feel the effects of overindulgence booze-wise, it's usually the same night - i either have to walk up and down until sober up enough to lie down, or throw-up; which is what would happen if i lay down too soon!  But that's it.  No throbbing head, no headache, though i do tend to be very thirsty.  Ah me, the joys of grape!  Or grain usually in my case.  i'm a Southern Comfort girl... or Southern Mist, if they have it.  :D

i'll probably post again before then, but if i don't, have a super New Year's do!