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May 8th, 2018

Tuesday, 8th May 2018

Well, it's spring at last.  All the gardens are bursting with new growth and that includes ours.  It actually could do with a haircut and a good tidy up, though heaven knows when we will get one.  It's not that the Councils don't care, it's more there are not enough workers what with job cuts etc that they are being forced to make with the ever decreasing money from the Govt.  There's this ill-conceived move to try and get the public to do more and more and attempt to bridge the gap.  Most of us have neither the time nor expertise to do so. Also i don't think enough thought has gone into what money goes where and in consequence daft things get supported and some more important stuff is not helped enough, even ignored in favour of someone's pet project; which annoys me a lot. i won't do a song and dance about the millions the Govt seem to magic out of the air for stuff outside the UK [which makes me boiling mad] but does anyone really realise where this is coming from?  Yes, straight out of our pockets - and i resent that more than i can express politely!  Just how much do they have squirreled away??
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