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August 8th, 2018

Wednesday, 8th August 2018

i admit it, i'm a cantankerous, irritable old bitch...  It's true i've got a lot less tolerant as i get older, but one of the things that really gets up my nose is people being late, especially so-called professionals.  i had my annual eye test this pm and as it was Specsavers, i got in half an hour early, as they have to do all those measuring and air-puff tests to do first.  i waited half an hour for that to happen but no, lump of a girl didn't do anything until about five minutes after the actual test was due (and did the eye-puff thing 6 TIMES EACH).  Not a good start. About 20 minutes later, different lump of girl popps head round the corner and says sorry optician bit late. Y'don't say?  i'm well on time, why aren't you?
Eventually Opt appears and ushers me into the inner sanctum. She took one look at my grumpy face and appologised too.  She was quite nice, even though she had a tendency to gabble a bit and i had to ask her to repeat herself several times.  We get though all the testing and eye comparison stuff and i do need a new distance prescription and really a new reading one too.  i have one of those reversal strength things, seeing better up close, which always amuses me.  i get a different person to guide me through the choosing new frames and checking the fittings etc, nice boy this time.  2 for 1 on the £69s (i chose 2 distance ones as i like having a spare) and a half price reduction on the readers. i always get the refelxtive lenses as i can't be doing with prescription sunglasses. Which is £39 EACH, i think, but i need that.  He does his sums and tots it all up - just over £201.  REALLY? Even on the NHS?  Ah no, he hadn't taken that off - Opt didn't print out the right form apparently.  That brings the total price down to £127 roughly.  Phew! not peanuts but that's more like it - £74 less.  Pick 'em up in a week.
i took myself off for a late lunch bite and boy, has McDonalds changed!  You pass a whole line of card-ordering menu machines and only two tills that take actual money now.  They give all an order number and you have to move over to that side to wait.  Luckily i only had the Fish, so it was quick. i wanted a Millys milkshake but vacant girl said sorry no icecream (grrrrrr!), so i got a Coffee Frapaccino from Starbucks (far too much ice), and filled with lots of really annoying oriental boys (and girls), and drank it on the way home.  Narrowly missed a few glued-to-phones twats but eventually made it home.  A lot of little irritations, leaving me with a strong desire to slap a few heads!
i'm going to see 'The Meg' on Friday, which could slake my bloodthirst nature!  Should be lots of nice special effects.