January 11th, 2019

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Friday, 11th January 2019

It's a new year... i look forward to writing 2020, 2030 and 2047, when i will be 100!  Will i get a Royal card?? And who would it be from - Charles 3rd or William, what 4th or 5th?
Friday Five, actually on a Friday!  Woo hoo.  i should go out but i don't want to... i'll do this instead

1. Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? i have several; two turquoise necklaces made by me, various silver rings, zircon earrings and a matching ring.  i bought the ring in Australia and the earrings in Phoenix USA years later.

2. Is there a piece of jewelry that you wear daily? No.  i only wear jewellery when i'm going out.  i do wear earrings occasionally inside to keep the holes in ears open.

3. What is the most costly piece of jewelry you own? It is a 21c pure gold bracelet, Dad had made for my mother in Aden.

4. What piece of jewelry would you secretly (or not so secretly) love to own, but do not? Why don't you? Why secretly? There are several things i'd like but could not afford.  i don't wear all the pieces that i do have, why buy more?  Okay, i'm a sucker for rings!

5. Is there a piece of jewelry you once owned but no longer own? What happened to it? If you class a gold ladies Rolex as jewellery, then it would be that.  Dad bought me a watch to celebrate passing my GCEs. It had a small face and the domed cover was easily scratched and a new one would have to be made specially to fit.  i couldn't afford it and in a poor moment, sold it for the gold value. It wasn't really a day-to-day watch and both my parents were dead by then.

Jewellery is such a personal thing, isn't it? Some like silver or gold, many won't mix them, but i do. Although i do collect solid silver rings, i have the odd gold-plated one or two.
And a joke to finish!