January 20th, 2019

iconfrostrose by wild plums

Sunday, 20th January 2019

Sun! For two days in a row, it has been sunny. Such a nice change from the seemingly endless grey skies.  It had it's good side in a way as it wasn't very cold, but boy, has the weather made up for it over the past two days!  Water on top of the bins has frozen and we had a really thick frost this morning - and it is VERY COLD!  i'm still making do with my little blow-heater (which is warming up the bathroom as we speak)  but i'm seriously considering putting the central heating on to heat the house up for a bit. i never have the heating on in the kitchen or the bedroom as i consider it's not necessary.  i mean, most of the time you are in the kitchen, the cooker is on and i don't sit around in the bedroom for long, going to bed or getting up, so what's the point? The starting radiator is in the hall, so lounge and bathroom are the only ones that need to be on.  The bathroom can be quite nippy in winter and as i want to wash my hair this am, hence the heater.  i think i'll bite the bullet and get the CH on.
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