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February 11th, 2019

Monday, 11th February 2019

The Great British Weather is at it again.  Almost unseasonally warm last night - i was chucking off the covers a lot - and it's been fine and actually sunny for the last few days, but taking out some rubbish this morning, i was shocked just how cold it was.  Maybe it'll warm up a bit later. i hope so as i must go out and pick up my latest batch of pills.
i'll do the Friday Five while i think on...

1. What size (twin, full, etc.) is your bed? i've had a double bed for so many years, it would seem odd to sleep in anything else now.  You can't avoid those nasty singles in hospital, but i do wish they would stop covering them in plastic - oh i know why, it's just it makes me sweat so much and makes me really uncomfortable.

2. How many pillows do you sleep with? Four.  Might sound excessive but i can't lie flat in any comfort, what with the osteo and all, and need one for my legs too.  Two are duck feathers and the other two are synthetic, the ducks and one synthetic next to my face are head pillows (so feathers don't poke into my face) and the other synthetic gives between-support for my knees.  Sorry that's a bit convoluted. i can't take the weight of my right leg on my left knee, since i had my major accident in '78; not enough flesh there to cushion. And the osteo kicked in and made support on my legs more complicated - it's almost as complicated try to explain it all, so i'll stop!

3. Do you have a weighted blanket? If so, does it help you? What is a 'weighted' blanket?  i have a normal woolen one for winter. i have a sheet and duvet covers but no duvets - yes, i know, odd, but duvets are too hot.  i have various quilts for when it warms up a bit but get down by layer in summer to just a sheet.

4. Do you sleep with any stuffed animals? No, never.  i don't remember having any as a baby and certaiinly none as a child, as i was sick so much.

5. Do you have to have the TV on to go to sleep? No.  No TV in the bedroom, though i wouldn't mind one - nowhere for it to go though.

Not very exciting week to come or the rest of February for that matter but there's the MK Handmade & Vintage Fair at the beginning of March.  i've quite a lot of theatre shows and concerts lined up for most of March, a break for April, then more in May; so lots to look forward to.  Must go, i've a lot of paperwork to plough through before i go out.  Take care.