March 25th, 2019

bats & moon with Lovejames by dhamphir

Monday, 25th March 2019

And it's Monday again!  i remind myself to be grateful to see each morning, what with lots of people my age dropping like flies!
i must make sure i don't owe any money before i pop off!  It may take me a while, given my current spending on my mobility scooters, what with new motor and new rear wheels on the Colt - mucho deniro! i do have some saved up for that but will be able to pay in installments. The mechanic has just come to pick up the Colt to fit the new £403 motor and has promised it back tomorrow.  i have things to do on Wednesday and a ticket for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in the evening, so make sure it gets back for then.
Talking of tickets, i went to see the sublime Tommy Emmanuel last night at the Corn Exchange and i have to admit i do rave about him somewhat, but he's not just one of the most talented men around, he's an experience.  i could literally listen to him all night.  Hearing his music on CD and YouTube does give you a good idea of how good he is, but to hear him in person allows you to see, and hear, the complete picture. Tommy is so totally into his music and has such a good time playing it, that he almost dances around the stage.  He would be remarkable for such talent but for someone my age, the vitality he brings to a performance has to be seen to be believed.
Most of these concerts start around 7.30pm, with support acts etc first and the star of the evening coming on around 8.30pm.  J D Simo was on first last night and came back on when Tommy called him in to play blues with him, and very good he was too.
The Royal Philharmonic will be playing Beethoven, Mozart and Vaughn Williams, so a mixed night. Pinchas Zuckerman is both conductor and soloist on violin. Sounds good. From the sublime to the ridiculous, Julian Clary is up next Thursday and he's a hoot.  Later this week, the auction is on again and another Peter Nuttall is up for sale, Falconer on a Horse. This will also be an unframed piece.  The last one i bought was too, a Knight on a Horse. That one was £100, not sure of the size of this one; i hope too see it on Wednesday pre-sale!  i can't afford it, of course, but we shall see what i can do.  Depending on whether or not i get it as to having a grocery delivery on Friday - it may be the following Monday! *Pension pay-in day*
There's a free Home & Garden show also at the Guild Hall over the weekend, which could be nice. to round out what for me is a busy week.  i can relax next week with only Julian to see but the following week Art Garfunkel is in town. i shall feel like i live there by then!  i've never seen Art in person, so that will be a new experience. Hope the lovely voice is up-to aging.

And on to the Friday Five shortly.