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July 1st, 2019

Monday, 1st July 2019

Friday Five (USA)

Some of these really don't apply to UK, that's why i've put USA after the title.  We don't have a National Day for the UK Countries, it's more the National Saints - but i get ahead of myself

1. What is one of your favorite things about your country?
Two things - first, most of the people speak English (of a sort!) and two, there are four seasons in the year.  Though it is sometime hard to draw a line between them.

2. What is your favorite thing to do on your country's national holiday?
As i started to say, no National Day but the countries' saints - like St George for England, St David for Scotland etc. There's no day off or anything, so just a normal day

3. What do you usually do for your country's national holiday?
i don't do anything. i mean, we're lucky if i actually realise what day it is!

4. What is your favorite national/regional ethnic dish?
Opinion is multi-divisional on this, but i guess you could say Roast Beef for the UK as a loose rule.  Some veg associated - leeks with Wales, potatoes with Ireland, but haggis with Scotland and the roast beef with England.  Me, i don't care for leeks or haggis!

5. Who is your favorite national hero and why?
St George fictionally but i have to say Prince Charles in real life. Here is a man who formed his own opinions and stuck to them, even when ridiculed by others.  A man of strong principle and champion of the under-privileged.  i think he will make a good King.

In Other News - not that i don't appreciate the sunshine but we could do with some decent rain over this side of the country.  i have taken the opportunity to finish up the plant pruning in the gardens, following the major now-annual Council tidy-up.  With the assistance of Helen my #8 neighbour, who sweeps the cuttings into piles for me and takes up the small stuff in her long-handled brush & pan. We did a good clean-up of her rear plot and our Mews entrance way now looks nice and tidy.  i'm nursing my sore hips/back now :D but it was worth it.
My H&B will probably complain again today - it's clean floors day!

Must crack on, as it takes longer to pickup and clear the floors, than the actual vacuum and mop.  i frequently do that over two days.
Have a great week