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July 4th, 2019

Thursday, 4th July 2019

It's American Independance Day, ho hum...  Americans seem to celebrate anything at the drop of a hat, don't they.  Anything to cheer themselves up?  If so, why don't we; we could do with it!
My icon for those who aren't familiar with the Moomin stories, is Little My who seems cross all the time, but with whom i love my coffee.
i'm prevaricating...i should be getting on with my annual Spring clean. i've done a lot of picking-up off the floor and mostly finished vacuuming, except in the lounge, which is 3/4 done.  The dust is so thick in here, i need to do all the dusting before i continue!  Complete slag, me and lazy with it; ah me.
i've an appointment with the Diabetic Nurse at 3pm and although it's only 11.30ish, knowing me, i'll still be sitting here at 2pm!  i'll get all the rest of the flat mopped first i think, then i can finish in here at will.