July 22nd, 2019


Monday, 22nd July 2019

'Monday, Monday..' music from the past.  It's been a busy one, for me at least.  i had a check-up appointment at the Hep Clinic at 10.15am and booked a taxi the night before - it was late and the Company had a scramble to get another one to me.  i restrained myself when it finally arrived just after 9.37am and just said 'you're late'.  i'm going to be racist here, so cover your tender ears!  Middle Eastern feller who took it personally and went into the usual song & dance how it was the despatcher's fault.  i give them the benefit of the doubt but he mumble/grumbled on far too long. Women in his world aren't supposed to criticise men and don't take kindly to any kind; suck it up, mate. i had left a goodly time to get there, so after a brief drop-off and dash, i made the appointment desk with five minitues or so to spare.
Needen't have worried, my Sister was running late. i set about getting an appointment with the dentist to replace a crown. A good twenty minutes later, Sr. let me know she was helping out as they are short handed, but did appologise. Usual story at the Hospital nowadays.  Had all my vitals checked before i saw her and i've not only lost a little weight [hooray] but i'm doing the Senior Shrink, now about 5.5in. Not sure how i feel about that. Anyway, Sr gave me a clean bill and 'see you in a couple of years' like the last bloke.  Just had to give some blood on my way out and i was done.  i called a taxi and in contrast to the first, this one was a dream. Quick, nice, polite and had no trouble with the scooter and had me home in jigtime.
Dentist wasn't until 3pm, so i had time for some homemade soup & a toasted roll.  Because of the Mill Road Railway Bridge closure to traffic, i made sure pedestrians still had access [they sent round a list of the days it was closed to everyone] and left an hour before i was due. It was a lot easier and better than i thought it might but at the far end of the bridge on the right side, there's a nasty little drop.  AND NO RAMP.  It was a scrape getting down, with nobody in sight.  i did speak to some of the working crew further down but they were gas men, not council - what's the difference? They were tearing up the road and needed to make it safe.  i went on my way unrejoicing.  i made good time into town and sat on my scooter in the shade for a while outside the surgery and watched the world go by. Building works on Regent Street corner and a sign told me it was 29C - i believed it! HOT in the sun.
Dentist had a fiddle about with my crown; maybe getting bit loose.  i don't remember this crown coming out before, so it may just be a time wearing thing. Do other people have the same problem?  i'd forgotten i had a crown there.  If it comes out again soon, he will make a new one. We can see at the end of August when i have a check-up due.
i did see a worker at the Bridge on my return but he was Gas too.  i was polite about it but let him know this curb was not a good thing.  He eventually came over and shifted a road sign that was blocking the shortest part of the curb and i managed to get up - yes, i remembered to thank him!
Belting hot in the sun, being a lot of reflected heat from the street & roads. i called into the chemist to see if my prescription was ready yet and it was, good one.  A boy & girl were sitting outside the Chemist, and he had dumped his bag onto the Council raised bed, almost onto a plant. So i told him to take it off - and the little twit got all lippy.  He did take the bag off, but put it back on while i was in there.  Can't have been more than about 12? Girl looked like a sister and was all for backing him up, as he didn't like the look he got.  i said outloud, 'that's all i need, Gobby Kids' and left them to it.  They didn't appear to have adult supervision, but it amused me that a lady standing near them, said something like i had a point.  i didn't stop and just went home.
It's been that sort of day...swings and roundabouts.  Weather supposed to be hot for the next few days down here.
i think i'll have some fish for dinner