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August 11th, 2019

Sunday, 11th August 2019

Not a lot happening today, except it's very windy.  i'm hoping for some rain. i know, sounds daft what with the flooding etc on the west side of the country, but not a lot has come our way.  i'm hoping this wind will tail off soon and the contractors will come in and do the 50% reduction on the two trees that so badly need it.  i'm told it's all aranged, though the contractors are 'very busy' but will do the work.  i'm told they are both flowering cherries.  i'll post 'after' shots again.

The Cambridge Folk Festival was last weekend - wow, week gone already - and we all commented about the lack of audience numbers.  It doesn't help when you don't have many big names to draw the crowds. We did have Graham Nash [of Crosby, Stills & Nash fame, for those of you who don't know him] and he just killed it - 2 encores, and the Fishermens Friends.  Graham was on Friday night, not even a weekend night and the FF were on Stage 2, the smaller venue on Sunday.  Very odd. The Festival organisers tried to compensate by cramming in lots of acts, though sadly only a few were worth mentioning. Or that i had heard of.  Some of the tired old acts were in there of course, but i wished they weren't!  The 'Guest Curator' was local boy Nick Mulvey [never heard of him] and he was on an African kick, lots of drums and not a lot of actual music, if you know what i mean. When there were lyrics, you couldn't understand a word and it was very repiticious. Only Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita hit the spot with great music. The Sisters of Elva Hill were worth a mention with their ballet piece, first up on Stage 1 Friday and 81 year old Lil' Jimmy Reed defying age and infirmaty to get the crowd into some authentic old blues on Stage 2, just before the Fishermens Friends - who rocked the tent. My main problem i guess is that i'm not a 'folkie' and find a lot of actual folk music pretty boring - i mean, it is all the same, Irish, Scottish or whatever, fiddles, pipes, accordians. You get my drift?
It was well organaised and the stewards were great BUT what really got me hot under the collar was the lack of water in the disabled toilets - only hand sanitiser bottles. Can you believe it??  Roll it all together and i'm pretty sure i won't buy a whole weekend ticket next year.  Maybe they will line up some more interesting acts, who knows?  Watch this space!
Just the Friday Five to close...

1. How are you feeling today? i'm okay i guess, but my circulation is not good and the numbness and lack of feeling in my feet is getting steadily worse and my shins are following suite?  It's all diabeties linked probably, though my arthritis won't be helping it and is pretty bad, so not sure what i could do about it.  It doesn't help that one of my neighbours has recently died and he was a diabetic with chronic foot/leg problems.  i'm also having trouble thinking of the right words sometime, lack of quick recall, i haven't forgotten the actual words.  It's true, disabilities are not all visible.

2. Have you gone to one of those emergency/urgent care walk-in clinics? No, i haven't but i saw one start up in Sydney that was very successful. Cambridge is toying with the idea. It's all about the money, of course.

3. What symptoms made you go there? Not applicable.

4. Does it make you feel better to have the doctor translate your symptoms into a medical-sounding diagnosis (e.g., really bad cough = bronchitis)? Translating symptoms doesn't come into it, you want to know what you have.  i self medicate a lot and only go to the doctors for when i can't cure myself

5. What is the worst tasting medicine you have ever had? That has to be a solution called Mistexpect, pale green and foul!

Well, that's about it, friends and neighbours!  i sound like an old radio programme!
Have a great week and take care of your sweet selves