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Hump Day, Wednesday 17th July 2013

Diary Day 12th July 2013
Uninspiring day, but hey, most of mine are!  i got up fairly late [not unusual as i'm a chronic insomniac], had a late breakfast [also not unusual, but i have to eat before taking my diabetic metformin.  i take a bunch of pills to start the day, for blood pressure [now excellent], and a back-up pill to the metformin [which can have more side-effects than the metformin!], along with a multivitamin, cod liver oil capsule, physillium husks capsules for roughage, chromium phosphate to help reduce muscle loss.  Then around midday, the second lot of ibuprofen [3 a day] & co-codamol [up to 8 a day].  i have my first lot around 6am [depending on what time i first surface], then midday, third ibuprofen with co-codamol with a final lot of co-codamol with one simvastin [cholesterol, also in good shape now].  That's my daily intake, with a prescribed aspirin around 10pm, to keep the blood thinner.  Make you dizzy?  You get used to it... :)
It's been sunny for a long time now and i tend to stay out of the sun between midday and 3pm if i can.  So about 3.30pm, i went up to the Chemist to pick up my latest batch of pills - i wish i could pick up them all at the same time but nothing so helpful.  They come due at different times, so i'm permanently in a state of dropping off the prescriptions and collecting them.
i went through my emails while i ate my breakfast, my daily routine.  Answered the ones that needed it, etc and then went online via the BBC home page.  i normally check out Facebook, LiveJournal and like that.  There's a daily Venice picture website - though it can be several weeks apart but i do love that City.  i have a daily email from GoComic.com and that keeps me amused for a while...
i did want a breath of fresh air, as in going out.  i have the door into the garden open all day, with a net curtain screening the flies out but i like to leave the house sometimes!  As it was such a pretty day, i scootered over to the Grafton Centre.  i cross a nice little park on the way, called Peter's Field [no idea who Peter was, sorry].  There's a long art-deco style housing row down one side.  i think it's all privately owned.  Only one drawback to the park, it's a real gathering point for the 'floating' population, who gather to lie on the grass, drink beer or whatever, with the inevitable dog, during the day and early evening.  The cops have regular walks through there.  Not sure if it just to keep an eye on them or because there's a children's playground in the middle.  They're a rough lot but as far as i know, pretty well-behaved.
IMG_0009 Peter's FieldIMG_0010
i frequently have a milkshake when i'm there and this day was no exception - chocolate today!  Millie's sells sublime cookies of all descriptions mainly but they do drinks as well and their milkshakes are made with soft-serve icecream, making them thickshakes really.  They will give you a card and when you have bought four, you can get one free.  Meanly silly, only a small one - Grafton won't let me pay the difference to get my usual 'regular' but the one in town will.
i had a slow trawl around the Centre, fatal of course, as Debenhams and various others have sales on.  Quite a nice load of stuff in D's and i picked up a couple of tops for £16, bargain.  i had a slow meander home.
That was the day really.  i checked my emails when i got home and went online for a bit, then watch some TV.  i tend to record all the stuff that has advertising and watch it later, so i can fast forward in peace!  And i record when programmes clash, of course.  i can record two at once but cannot watch a third, so i either watch something i've already recorded or a video.  If i don't feel like doing either, i usually read.  i always have a stack of books and magazines to catch up on.
i guess i'm lucky that i'm happy with my own company; always have been.  Oh i like socialise once in a while and go out for dinner sometimes, though if i really don't want to cook, i'm happy to order in a takeaway [if i'm financial enough!].
i try to go to bed earlier, as close to midnight as i can, but it's frequently 1.30am-2am before i hit the sheets - and then i read until my eyes close!
What an exciting life!  But if i wanted excitement, i'd go looking for it, i guess.  i am tempered by this damned arthritis and access with my scooter.  i mean i could get down to London or wherever on the train, but then it would have to be taxi as i couldn't get it on the Tube or a bus.  And that could mean some Major Money.  If i stayed overnight, it would have to be an hotel - with a lift - as i don't know of any B&B that is accessible.  It's bad enough with a folding wheelchair and unless that is motorised, you really need a 'pusher'.  i couldn't have done the Olympics without Ginger.
So, dear Journal readers, that's my 12th Day - yes, i know, i said i'd do the 15th instead but that didn't work!
Take care and take heat precautions - 'Slip, Slop, Slap', as they say in Aussie.  Slip into something cool, slop on the sunscreen and slap on a hat!  And keep hydrated; easy on the alcohol as that can actual dry you out!


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Jul. 17th, 2013 01:58 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a nice life to me, I lead a very similar life, I don't want to live in interesting times. I also do the record/fastforward thing, can't be doing with time wasting adverts. I love the look of your city.
Jul. 18th, 2013 12:34 pm (UTC)
i'm sure our lives would bore the hell out of many people! But i'm happy enough with what i can do.
Cambridge has it's non-pretty areas but on the whole, it's not bad. i like that it's mostly flat and easy to get around
Jul. 18th, 2013 12:23 am (UTC)
I just got back from my trip, it was a long hard drive home in this heat... but now I can take my time catching up on things here, and sleeping late with the air-conditioning on. All my shows recorded on the DVR, so I have plenty to amuse me (and I picked up a bunch of books at the library).

I hope you are healing well.
Jul. 18th, 2013 12:31 pm (UTC)
i'm glad you got home safely, long trips are hard on us all - real glad to hear you have air-conditioning!
Thank you, i am healing well so far. i have to stop myself from scratching my cheek, it itches sometimes! Considering how short a time this was done, i'm very pleased with the results. Just want all the lumps to flatten out and to go back to normal now.
Jul. 18th, 2013 01:55 pm (UTC)
Yes, it seems that I have more lumps and bumps on my face (and hands) with every passing year... it is discouraging. I'm thinking I need some old lady icons!

Stay cool (it is always too hot or too cold in Iowa).
Jul. 19th, 2013 11:34 am (UTC)
i'd like 'old lady' icons... maybe some Diamond Lil ones; i do love her...
i had so many moles and brown marks, it is hard to figure out what are the old age ones! i just look splodgy!
i think my tattoos are a welcome relief!
Jul. 19th, 2013 12:21 pm (UTC)
oh I always loved your face tattoos! So much fun!
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