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And it's Monday, 22nd July 2013...

Start of another week, me beauties!  And it's sweltering...
i've got a load of washing in [takes forever on the normal 40o setting], the Tesco delivery has just been and they've left the Under-21 security tag on me bottle of Amaretto!  i rang and asked how i take it off.  Turns out i can't and they'll arrange for a man to come out and do it.  The store rang back with pleasing alacrity and someone will come after 6pm [at my request] to remove it or replace it/whatever.  Looks weird...

The Cambridge Folk Festival starts on Thursday and the forecast looks grim for the weekend.  Just have to cross fingers it doesn't really start to rain until Monday next!  Well, we can hope.  It was very grey most of the day yesterday, though it cleared somewhat in the evening; today it's sunny, most of the cloud cleared.  i haven't seen an isobars map, so don't know what it's doing out in the Atlantic or how fast the weather systems are moving.  We've been very lucky for the past two years, apart from some rain showers on last year's Sunday afternoon, it's been brilliant weather.  Guess it couldn't last?  We'll have to see.

My hair is so long at the moment, as my hairdresser has been on holiday for the past two weeks and i have to stick it in a ponytail every day because it's way too hot to have down.  It wouldn't be so bad but i have lots of hair, very fine but very thick - wait a second, yes, just like me!  Debbie is back now and is coming tomorrow for Le Chop.  She worked at the local hairdresser, practically across the road from my street but the head honcho decided to retire and has sold the building.  Debbie has gone mobile now, which suits many of her pensioner customers.  i like services that come to me, even if the price of my cut has gone up, but i'm happy with that as she must cover car & petrol costs.  She's not charging much more though, only about £3 more, so not a problem to keep my cutter.  i had visions of having to trek to wherever she went next, so i'm happy.

i had a really strange visit last Thursday to Clamp Opticians that do my annual diabetic check-up.  There are about half a dozen in and around Cambridge that do the testing and i picked the easiest to find [i didn't have the scooter when i first went there and Clamps are close to the City bus station], though there's one up on Newmarket Road that sounds easier now.  Most of the older buildings in the City Centre are too old for lifts and Clamps is no exception and i have some steep stairs to climb there - and at my Dentist's too, down the road.  One of the patients in the waiting room at Clamps says the Newmarket Road opticians don't have stairs, so may need to change over in the not-too-distant future.  i was certainly thinking about making it sooner after my latest visit!

It rapidly became apparent they were running late as it took 25 minutes before i was called into the Inner Sanctum.  i smiled as i took a seat and said something to the effect that he was running late today.  Was he recovered from being ill?  As i'd had to reschedule on the first appointment.  Mere mortal patients aren't supposed to take the Exalted Ones to task apparently, however gently or politely as this set him off on an increasingly irritated and hysterical rant - there's no other word for it.  Instead of saying, 'yes, i'm sorry' and giving me some short reason why, he chose to take offence, like i was trying to insult him.  No, he hadn't been sick and he started with slagging off everyone else that wasn't him, who 'cared' about his clients - did my doctor do this? No, i said, they don't have the facilities [they're doctors, not opticians, stupid man] - does my optician do this?  No, i said, i don't know if they Specsavers, have the equipment.  Specsavers are general opticians, not specialists, which he would know better than i.  He started to rant on about how none of the opticians give a shit about the public - and i quote!  i was increasingly astonished by this vituperative outpouring, as he got more and more annoyed.  He made out how simply saintly he was and that my having to wait 10-15 minutes - 25, i said quietly - apparently wasn't acknowledging his efforts.  Then, my dears, he positively twitched and said, 'you know what, i don't want to do this - i want you to leave!  And don't come back!' and strode to the door to open it.
i stared at him, hardly believing my ears and said 'i'm not leaving. Why are you being so rude?', still quietly.  When he realised i wasn't moving, he said again, 'i want you to leave'.  i said, 'well, i'm not leaving; i've invested half an hour of my time already'.  'We have a problem then', he said and shut the door.  'Yes, you do have a problem', i replied, 'as i'm not going.  Just do your job.  i really don't want to have to report you.'  He practically sneered at me, saying 'who would you report me to?'  'To what ever opticians' board or organisation you belong to', i said.  i thought it was an odd question but it became clear later.
Whether my complete lack of intimidation made him realise he had run up against a brick wall or the threat or being reported penetrated through whatever little tizzy had set him off, i can't say but he suddenly caved and did a volte-face and he came back his desk next to me and picked up the eye-drops, turned to me and gave me a tissue, saying the usual 'look up' and put in the drops.  The drops stung like crazy, really hurting - he said it was worse in the hot weather for some reason.  i needed the tissue! Lucky it doesn't last long.  'Take a seat in the waiting room', said the Exalted One, as though nothing had happened, and i rose and did so.

i couldn't believe all this had taken place, this storm in a teacup, in about 10 minutes or that i hadn't even raised my voice - instead of sucking in a breath and blasting him to kingdom-come!  i was just irritated and astonished, not really angry, luckily for him.  As i sat down, i said aloud 'what a rude man'.  The bloke next to me was disposed to chat and after asking a couple of the others when their appointments were, all the patients volunteered they were there for their annual check-ups too.  Bloke-Next-To-Me told me about the Newmarket place and i was seriously considering going there.  There's nowhere to leave my scooter, except on the busy main street outside Clamps and there's those stairs.   Anyhow, i sat and waited the 10-15 minutes for my pupils to dilate and a couple of others went in and got their drops, etc.  Then EO popped out, all smiley and 'Come on in, Miss Crossley!'
He said, 'i'm sorry we were running late'.  i said slightly grudgingly, 'Anyone can have a bad day' and he came forward and handed me his card, saying 'i'm sorry you to had wait and if you want to report me, here's my card. i'm really sorry'.  All with big beaming smiles...  Unbelievable... Jekyll and Hyde.  He moved the equipment over and photographed my eyes, then brought the results up on his monitor and examined them closely.  He said there was a tiny pin-prick problem with my left eye, not anything to worry about.  What problem?  An aneurism apparently but really minute [An Aneurism?].  He said the pictures gave him not only results of how the diabetes was affecting my eyes, or not in this case, but also a window on how i was handling the diabetes. i thanked him for that, saying that i was always worried about how it could affect my eyes.  i was doing well, he said and that he would write to my GP, letting them know the results.  i was relieved and thanked him.  All done, i left his office and went downstairs to log out with the Receptionist.
i mentioned the lateness to her and said that it would be helpful in future if they would consider telling the patients when they arrive that they're running late, so the patient had to choice of waiting or coming back.  These so-called professionals never do, of course - doctors and dentists are just as bad, your time is theirs to do with what they will apparently, arrogant gits!  THEY do have emergencies however, optometrists rarely if ever do.
When i had a look at his card, the odd question became clear to me.  This person, one Daniel Hardiman-McCartney, BSc. (Hons.) MCOptom is the Managing Director of Clamp Optometrists - i had to wonder if this was really his card!  Some professional he is, huh.  Wonder if he does this hysterical hissy fit stuff often?  He escaped being reported officially to his governing body because he had chosen to apologise - and do it handsomely.  But i'll keep his card.


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Jul. 22nd, 2013 12:24 pm (UTC)
I love the eye ball icon(!) and the story about your rude Optometrist.... opticians? Whatever.
I'm glad he realized he was the one who needed to apologize and change his behavior (I wonder if a nurse or someone told him to stop acting crazy! LOL).

I hope you have a better experience getting your hair cut! And that you can stay cool.

It has been hot & humid here, but yesterday we had a huge rainstorm which lowered the temperature a bit... but made it even more humid outside.
Jul. 23rd, 2013 12:27 pm (UTC)
He didn't have a nurse or assistant [rooms are tiny anyway], not needed. Perhaps he simply needed space to calm down? My hairdresser is lovely and i've been going to her since i came to CB.
We had massive thunderstorms around us last night and an amazing amount of lightening, though very little actually overhead. Just a bit in early morning and some welcome rain. i've just been out for some necessary shopping, pick up pills etc under some very threatening skies, with black clouds looming. It's raining spasmodically now, heavy then down to a very fine drizzle and like that. It's so lovely when it rains, brings the temperature right down. i used to go out and paddle in the puddles when i was a little girl, have to stop myself from doing it now! Not enough rain so far for puddles - hope it's not saving up for the weekend!
Jul. 22nd, 2013 05:49 pm (UTC)
Goodness me! It must be the heat. :( Hope your final results show no problems. I must stay on Atkins, I don't want to be diabetic, my biggest fear is of being blind. :(
Jul. 23rd, 2013 12:31 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it makes us crazy, doesn't it? You never know what that person is going through, but no cause for hysteria.
i know what you mean about the diabetes, so many wonderful things can happen to us! It's the extremities that are affected first but i worry mostly about my eyes... Hang in there, my dear Ditto, it really is worth it. *smooch*
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