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Finally made it to 2007!!

i guess we can be thankful for small mercies...  i am making a positive effort to be cheerful etc - 2007 IS going to be a good year!   Gotta be better than last year, fates & furies willing...

Loved Lynnie's pics from Milan... winter in Europe... always cold, even Italy.  Venice was freezing but it was early February.   i would love to go to Greece at least once and see some of the Islands.

Odd day yesterday - Frustrating call to Jobcentre, trying to get somebody to sign my insurance forms BEFORE Friday and nobody giving a damn ["i can get you in at 3pm on Thursday..."] - i have to go sign in on the damn Friday, so that a whole load of frickin nothing...  Then had a whole load of computer problems, which i am still ironing out...

Then the phone rang and it was the Hospital, how am i fixed for the 11th for the hernia op?  Hastily checked diary, phew! yes, can do - it is in the week i DON'T have to sign in.   Spent the next hour or so checking with Cousins as to who is going to be on deck to give me a hand and a bed overnight, as Cousin Ralph & Anna will be going off on holiday for almost three months on the 7th and Stephen [my younger 2nd cousin] is starting his new job on the 8th...  Anna made me swear not to worry as one of them will sort it.   She has brought up her sons well, she said [making me giggle, as they are 29 & 28 respectively!] - she is right actually, she has.
i went online and booked my ticket up [cheaper booking singles than a return and i wasn't sure which station i would come back from at that time] - need this bit of time for the cheaper fare and got one up for £18.   Craig [the married 2nd cousin and the elder] rang me a bit later and he would be looking after me, when i come up.   Dear boy.   We had a good natter and caught up [hadn't spoken to him since well before Christmas].   This is a good move actually as wife Nicola is a nurse [though i'm not sure what she is working] and one of them will take me to the station on the Friday.   We weren't sure who it would but most likely him.  So we left the station open and i would just book from Leeds to home and if he drops me off at Guiseley or whatever, i can get a local ticket to Leeds.  But we are hoping he will be able to take me to Leeds, on his way to work.
He or Nicola will come and collect me from the Hospital too - it is day surgery but with a full general anaesthetic - i am on the afternoon theatre list, so unlikely to be going out before 6pm.  This should work out well for Craig leaving work etc and coming to get me.
So i will leave at 7.15am on 11th Jan, arriving in Harrogate around 10.30 and checking into the Hospital for 11am, as requested.  Returning [fingers crossed and all being well] on the 9.05am train from Leeds, the following morning 12th and getting home about 1.30pm - moving carefully and taking great care not to bump into ANYTHING!!!
i will be able to get away with just my backpack, being just overnight - must take a couple of books with me, distract me on the train & waiting in the Hospital...  Never had a general for day surgery before...  had day surgery years ago but that was only local - no, tell a lie, i did...  when i had my wisdom teeth out - damn, that was... in my twenties!!
Just glanced at the clock - almost 25 past 1am!  Go to bed, silly woman!
Didn't mean to rabbit on...  *yawns hugely*  sorry...  
Later, love


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(Deleted comment)
Jan. 5th, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
Ain't that the truth!
Some are very helpful, mostly on the phone and the ones i have met so far HAVE been helpful but the system is like the Mills of God, fine but exceeding slow...

The day surgery doesn't bother me really as long as they get the dose right and don't nick the 'innards' going in! Poor Steve!! BTW please apologise to him for me for calling him Dave! Getting confused with all these Davids, Duster's CuddleBunny and Lynnie's Grinch.. *snorts with laughter*
My 2nd cousin Craig has been volunteered this time and he is a pet, no problem at all - just how can he do this for me, the love...
Anyway we sorted it and even if i have to wait for him to come get me, i don't mind. i'll doze/read or whatever till he gets there.
Love to you both
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 5th, 2007 11:45 pm (UTC)
Re: Ain't that the truth!
Jan. 5th, 2007 12:21 am (UTC)
I just had day surgery some weeks ago for my eyes and it was fine. You'll be hunkydory. :D In fact I think I went home on the bus...but I had my daughter with me so that was okay. Rellies come in handy sometimes. It's very good of them.
Jan. 5th, 2007 03:47 pm (UTC)
Don't mention the eyes...
Just the thought of eye surgery gives me the jim-jams... Listening to what Char went and is still going through, i cringed. i know it is necessary and the end result will justify almost anything inbetween but!!!!
Hospitals are funny like that - "We can't allow you to take a taxi, someone will have to come and get you" - i'd like to see someone stop me actually, wouldn't you?!! Some actually still believe they can tell you what to do. [Now listen here, MATE, i am officially discharging myself and leaving, got that?!!] and as long as you do that, they are not liable, which is really all that they care about.
Rels? yes, they can come in handy... have to have some use, don't they?! just joking.. :) i love my cousins...
take good care of yourself, you hear?
Jan. 5th, 2007 03:08 am (UTC)
Sounds like a plan :-) I'll be thinking of you. *hugs*
Jan. 5th, 2007 04:35 pm (UTC)
Thanks, babe!
i am very fond of my Cousin's boys... Craig is the elder of the two and has always been helpful and friendly - Stephen is youngest like me and took me home when i had my hip done. This is of course, much simpler.
See you soon!
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