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Tuesday, 30th July 2013

Hello, lovelies!
It's doing that rain and sunshine thing today; can't hang out the washing...
I'm working on my photos from the CB Folk Festival and will post a link when i'm done, okie doke?
Still can't stop the bloody Adobe Flash crashing like bloody waves on a bloody beach!!  Added to that Livejournal is running hideously slow for many people and probably includes me too.  Which means, i can't upload pictures directly from my pc.
i've spent far too many hours trying to sort out the Bloody Flash and i'm damned if i reload it or delete and reinstall - nothing works.  i've tried an earlier version, yes i thought of that, miss clever clogs...  There's bugger all else to use from what i can see, Chrome doesn't have one.
There nothing that i can use on FileHippo, again that i can see but i'm no ehacker or adept.  i'll have to go see my Internet man, i guess...  i'll ring him tomorrow first, see what he recommends.  He's always busy, so never a good time...
*gnashes teeth*
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